Perfume (SUICIDE)

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  1. This is my last stand,
    A way of death that meets his demands,
    A restless soul, soon that will pass,
    A orderless gas, hes breathing in to fast.

    Not a smell, not a taste,
    Cruising through my lungs, a poison gaining haste.
    A deaths wish forthcoming, his ghost becoming,
    Looking out at the sky, a friend that did not say goodbye,

    Convulsing from the air that he breathes,
    Final solution to give him relief,
    Troubled life, drowning in grief,
    Suicidal intentions, consuming beliefs,

    Once lost, found love,
    A emotion hes unworthy of,
    Found friends, now alone,
    Soon to be forgot unknown,

    This is for him to decide, this is his Suicide...
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