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Perhaps There is more then can be handled...

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What I've noticed...more and more, it seems the longer the site stays alive...the less and less supporters are here. 70% of the people who come, stay not much longer then a week.

We don't know what happens, what will or won't...Everyone has a right to be here, don't get me wrong. It's good atleast we tried....

But the senior members, or someone new, it seems like everyone decides to respond to either one stranger, or maybe all around one of the seniors that is in peril, usually half the condition of anyone else who posts.

I'm not saying anyone is more or less important...but that maybe attention just isn't distributed enough. There are many times, people will post and never get a response.

I understand that there are sometimes just not enough people, but...SF is losing what it once had. Right now, there are way, way less supporters then there are people in pain. The people who are helped, leave. The people who aren't...we don't know. There could be anywhere from 1 to 20 people who have tried to reach help, and they might be dead. Though it's an equal chance they all might be alive.

But there's just not enough...I do alot of whining, and I really haven't been doing well. But instead of posting under an unregistered name, I think maybe...it's just too much. I am withdrawing...and I don't think I can come back here. I have helped no one and wasted time, and I wouldn't mind any hate.

Alot of people are hurt, but maybe SF just isn't as full as it used to be. The thing it comes down to, every single hurt person needs atleast one person. A one on one recovery. Because one really nice person cannot help two or three at once, it's a heavy, heavy toll. AND, not to mention, the ones who are helping are still healing, they're only here because they originally were hurting.

I'm not saying everyone here at SF is hopeless, or not helping enough. But maybe SF is becoming more of an amplifier of pain then a help. It almost ALLOWS people to be depressed if they want, and the people who are taking advantage of it are taking the attention away from the people who NEED help.

I'm sorry SF. I have no room to talk, I've helped no one. Please forgive my idiotic writing.
Aww hun, sorry you feel that way, but I can understand some of your points. one aspect is ALL of us here are here because we are having problems, none of us are professionals and we don't have too much to offer sometimes, we all go through slumps. Like me.. I am having alot of problems keeping myself alive at this point, so unfortunatly I am not here as much, I'm sorry. How selfesh of me, I try and make sure everyone gets a reply, but I don't do good enough. Sorry. :(

And as for people disappearing; that's always hard not knowing if they are ok, dead, alive, safe etc.. it's real hard. not knowing...

As for peole joining and then making a couple posts and leaving, that's happend for a long time now.. dunno.. people register being depressed and I assume the feel better and forget about the site or etc..

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The problem isn't with SF or the members, it's that life has become too difficult for people to possibly get help here. An internet forum can only do so so much. What's even worse is that the world outside of this site is even less helpful than SF, which people have nowhere really to go. I sense that the world is starting to collapse. There certainly is alot of pain around here, and it doesn't seem to be getting better. I'd like to be positive about life and the world, though I can't be.
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