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Period Pain, don't know where this goes...

Discussion in 'Self Care and Healthy Lifestyles' started by Sycotic_Sarah, Jul 11, 2007.

  1. But, I get really bad period pain when I'm on, and everytime I am on, the first days I'm on, I can barely move.

    I'm due now, I was due a few days ago, so I'm late, however, I'm getting horrible cramps, I feel really hot and I've lost my appetite.

    I've took some paracetamol, but if if these are symptons that I'm going to go on my period, any suggestions to reduce the pain?

    Thanks in advance.
  2. thedeafmusician

    thedeafmusician Staff Alumni

    Avoid cold things, especially icecream... and pineapple and cucumber too. They made me really horrid. Try and keep your stomach warm, I've found it helps..
  3. Isa

    Isa Well-Known Member

    a dog lying on your back. lol. or a hot water bottle.

    hot baths.
  4. Adeline

    Adeline Well-Known Member

    Nurofen helps with very painful cramps. I often find that paracetamol aren't strong enough. A massage can also help alleviate the pain. As said before, warm baths and hot water bottles are a good idea. If that doesn't work, my Home Economics teacher used to advise us to do some very gentle exercise.
  5. sami

    sami Well-Known Member

    Have you tried Feminax? It works wonders! You have to by it OTC as it has Codeine in it. A nice hot water bottle is always good, too! Hm... stay away from bulky high-sugar comfort foods, it only makes things worse... and yes, gentle exercise is good too.

    I hope you feel better soon!