Personal preference: dream world or waking world?

Discussion in 'Midnight Owl' started by the_me_that_you_know, Jun 28, 2007.

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  1. So I've always wished I could live in my dreams, as they are usually better than the life I'm living. I see a big difference when I'm dreaming. Things are always different & better in so many ways(no bad dreams happen for some reason). I can't remember everything about every dream but I know this: Whenever I wake up I am sorry that I awoke. The dreams that I have are just better than this petty existence that I'm living out right now.
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    Sometimes I wish I could stay in dream land, I'm also always sorry that I awoke. Often my dreams are horrible nightmares though. If I could stay in one of my good dreams, I would love to.
  3. Bostonensis

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    Professional daydreamer here. I'm a pro. Since I was a kid ;boredom drove me to become a professional daydreamer.

    I have written a lot of my daydreams & one day show them to the world for fun?
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