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  1. JBird

    JBird Well-Known Member

    I know this is very quick as i've literally just buried my youngest cat Rolo but i'm thinking about the possibility of getting another cat. The only problem is i have a moggy called Todd, he's 18/19 years old so he's a grumpy old man. He's currently the male dominant on the street but the only competition is next doors domestic long hair who's 3 years old but Todd kicks his ass easy.

    Todd's a laid back old man, aslong as his rank isn't challenged he doesn't hurt other cats. Todd and Rolo didn't have the best relationship, they fought rarely and ignored each other when they weren't fighting, Todd made sure Rolo knew her place. My foster brother says Todd won't be able to handle having another cat around, especially a young one, saying he'll find it hard to keep with it. In my honest opinion i don't think it'll be a problem if we get a very young female who won't try and challenge Todds rank.

    But i want your opinion before i start begging to be allowed another cat.

    I'm not a patient person, everyone says i need to wait for Todd to go before we even think of bringing another cat into the picture but he just won't die and i'm eternally greatful for having the oportunity to look after him because he is an amazing character and he's stupidly healthy for his age but at the same time...there's a hole a there. Before Rolo got sick we had the balance of crazy cat (rolo) and old man who looks down in disgust at EVERYTHING (todd). I'm trying not to sound selfish as i know this post could come across like that, i want to have that balance again, Rolo was the cat we spoke about over dinner, we ranted and bitched about her recent adventures and shared a giggle over the latest pickle she ended up in. Todd doesn't get spoken about much because his day is pretty simple...Sleep, eat, take a dump, sit on the drive and accept any challenges from neighbouring cats, sleep, look for a fussing, eat, sleep again, go for a wander, take a dump and finally piss beaks off by hogging the duvet. Its very simple as he is a very old cat.

    I'm looking on websites at animal shelters near here, just to get an idea of what kind of cats they have for adoption but at the moment they only have old males or young females that can't be placed with other animals. I know what it sounds like but if we're to get another cat i think it'll be best to get a kitten/very young female so she can be taught by Todd and Todd won't think his role is under threat. If i've completely got the wrong end of the stick pleeeease let me know, i'm just trying to think whats best for both Todd and the other cat we could bring into the household.
  2. crookxshanks

    crookxshanks Well-Known Member

    when my last cat died i had the same dilemma as you but couple of days later decided id go round animal shelters just to have a look. just in case there was a cat that looked like he could belong to me as it were. i wasnt looking for a replacement for my last cat but just a cat who seemed to love me. and there was one in the first shelter i went to. he picked me rather than i picked him. went back later that day after a very long and hard think and decided to put him on reserve and get him after he'd recovered from his amputation operation. wasnt expecting a walk round an animal shelter to be therapeutic but it was

    i know that no cat will be able to replace rolo but it may ease the pain and maybe the loneliness that todd is going through as well :hug:

    good luck on whatever decision you make as im sure it will be the right one for you
  3. Terry

    Terry Antiquities Friend Staff Alumni

    Beak, take a breather to mourn and I'm afraid you may well end up with the problem I've got.
    I would dearly love a kitten but old Lem he wouldn't be able to handle it.
    In fact he gets jealous if I say hello to an animal on the tv, so no way he would tolerate an interloper.
    So, we wait...meanwhile we plot getting guineas :laugh:
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