Pharasudicals in our drinking water. i can't spell ;P

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  1. here2day

    here2day Well-Known Member

    sorry i am spelling disabled ;oP

    Soooooo did anyone else see the special on the news about a month ago about the water being tested in several cities across America and they have found trace ammounts of pharmasudicals in the drinking water????

    not good.

    we are poisoning ourselves slowly. bad enough we burry unspeakable things in our landfills and it seeps off into our we've got drugs circulating in the mix.

    and i live in the city they tested. :eek:(

    The biggest hoot I got out of this is that they said that some of it comes from our toilet water being recycled. America is pissing out a pharmacy and we are re-drinking it.

    So I went online to see about distilling water to get rid of it. It appears you CAN NOT GET RID OF IT. Each drug has a specific way to be removed and there is too many different types to try to remove them yourself!


    I've been really sick since moving to this area. I am one of those lovely people that is allergic to more things than I am *not*. It makes me wonder... there are soo many drugs I can not take due to allergies...


    i grow my own food. i recycle. i reuse. i am not a typical American consumer. I do all these things to protect my family now, and the generations to come and YET... with all that... Ohio pisses out valuim and other drugs at such a rate it is in my tap water and i can do nothing to remove it from my galss of H2O!!!!

    LMAO I've been on a soap box post all day long. the current state of things really have me teed off and the fact NO ONE SEEMS TO GIVE A FUCK. la dee da things will go on like they always have. it won't happen to us. WAKE UP PEOPLE IT ALREADY IS!
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  2. here2day

    here2day Well-Known Member

    I guess no one else saw it. i'll have to dig in the local news archives find the link and post it.
  3. Sa Palomera

    Sa Palomera Well-Known Member

    yes please do give a link, I'd be interested in reading it.
    I'm sorry you're one of the 'good ones' (doing a lot good for environment, growing own food, recycling, etc) suffering from the consequences of the actions of so many ignorant beings in this world :sad: :hug:

    Yet another reason to hate how humanity is fucking up the planet :rolleyes:
  4. Here are a couple...
    (I haven't read through the whole thing yet :blink:)

    The things is, folks aren't just pissing them away into water sources, but also flushing vial after vial of old meds down the terlet - thinking that they're "disposing" of them. Actually, I don't know about the U.S., but for a number of years already, in Canada, pharmacies have been accepting old meds and disposing of them 'properly' (God only knows how though - likely incineration). Might be six 'o one and half a dozen o' the other for all I know - but simply putting them in landfills is an *absolute* guarantee of future problems. (They've actually coined a new term for the multi-toxic whatchamhoozit seepage that is occurring, though the name escapes me at the moment)

    I think it was David Suzuki (a righteous Canajun Dude) who said, when we throw something "away"...there IS no away!!!

    And not only haven't they yet done research on the long-term effects of what they've now discovered, but some have aleady theorized that all the crap in the water, as well as in our food (especially hormonal stuff/residue/by-products) might well be a reason that the onset of puberty is occurring at obscenely younger and younger ages. And as well, within the ecosystem, they've found other (until recently) 'inexplicable' and bizarre manifestations in the animals/creatures that inhabit the water systems - mutations and gender abnormalities (even cases of gender tranference, and as well, abnormal ratios between the sexes - which could of course potentially lead to extinction)

    Anywaaaaaze...sure seems that everytime we Humans try to "fix" something, we all too often make things a hundred times worse (yet just can't seem to ever get done patting ourselves on the back for being such a "brilliant" species - being infinitely superior and all...:dry:)
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  5. here2day

    here2day Well-Known Member

    i wonder if the process in bottling water gets rid of it all...hmmmm...


    i have moments of incite followed by moments of crazy. it seems that i've been flip floppin alot here lately. i'm emotionally exhausted and in despirate need of something to distract my thought process.

    Maybe get a Brita tap filter? Cheaper, & better for the environment. And while the standards here are much more stringent, there's really no way to guarantee that the various sources bottled water comes from as as 'pristine' as we readily assume...

    (a comedian once said that Evian spelled backwards is naive...) :wink:
  7. nedflanders

    nedflanders Well-Known Member

    If you'd read the original scientific paper, you'd see that most of the drugs they found were present at the parts-per-billion level.

    There's certainly at least that much frog poop in the drinking water as well.

    But not anything to get worked up over, either. You have a liver to break down oddball small molecules, whether they're excreted pharmaceuticals or bacterial toxins. It works just fine. People aren't nearly as fragile as health reporters try to make them seem.

    Okaaayyy. Which of these two statements do you actually believe? By the way, neither is correct.

    This reads like a textbook description of manic depression.
  8. Firstly, there's no need to seemingly diagnose/denegrate anyone by "labelling" them (or do you have a job in the mental health field as a professional that you've been keeping a secret??)

    Secondly, since when has the part-per-billion of anything ever precluded potential adverse effects? This has only recently begun to be studied... As well, were it a given (which it isn't) that frog poop was uncontaminated by man-made toxins, perhaps there would be no problem.

    And lastly, perhaps you could elaborate on and convince the creatures inhabiting the wetlands and waterways/systems of the ultimate powers of the liver...

    Do the pollutants go up the food chain?

    Helgen: Many of the pollutants we are considering as possible causes and analysing do "bioaccumulate" and move up the food chain. This is especially true of some of the heavy metals like mercury. Many of the organic compounds we are considering such as many of the herbicides can bioaccumulate especially in the fatty tissues of frogs and other animals.

    What causes frogs to malform?

    Helgen: This is the question everyone wants to know the answer to. Right now we don't know. We have some ideas we are considering and we're doing tests to find out how likely they are to be the cause. These inlcude:
    1. Increases in the ultraviolet radiation due to thinning of the ozone,
    2. Heavy metals which are know to cause abnormal development, particularily; Selenium, Arsenic, cadmium, and Mercury,
    3. Organic compounds like PCBs (Poly-chlorinated biphenyls) and Biocides (Herbicides and pesticides),
    4. Parasitic cysts physically disturbing the developing limb bud in tadpoles and,
    5. Synthetic chemicals that act like hormones to disrupt the endrocrine system.
    We probably won't know the answer until after several years of tests.

    How many deformed frogs were in the population first discovered by students at the Minnesota New Country School?

    Reinitz: On the day the frogs were first discovered, the students from the Minnesota New Country School looked at 22 frogs, half of which were deformed. Within a month they had collected roughly 400 deformed frogs from the Ney Pond. Most of those frogs were turned over to researchers for study.
    For the full story, jump to the Minnesota New Country School website:
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