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Discussion in 'Poet's Corner' started by bemore, Feb 22, 2013.

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  1. bemore

    bemore Member

    Jumbled and hazy.
    Some funny, some crazy.
    Fast paced and lazy.
    Just a few memories that make me.

    A few have gave a light hearted touch.
    Whilst others... just seem to much...
    And at the heart, at the crux
    Is the reason, the person and why we take so much.

    The feelings they give me, echo the days before.
    Although in my head that day seems an eternity and more.
    The more days I look back on, the more life seems to quickly slip and fade through night and day.
    And I awaken each morning... a new person, a new way.

    I take them everywhere I go, there can be only numbing.
    But no matter how far you go, there is no running.
    For these are the things that are your becoming.

    If my soul was a colour.
    Right now it is black.
    With a tiny white light.
    Lost deep down inside.

    This tiny white light.
    So fragile.
    Yet it is the only thing that keeps me together.

    There are times when my light shines the way.
    Illuminating life in darkness of day.
    Yet there are times when my light seems to dim.
    And I feel the darkness begin to close within.

    Is my light the spark of life.
    Cutting the darkness much like a knife.
    What happens if the blade goes dull.
    Will my life slowly become null...

    I cannot speak of how I feel.
    Although this does not make it any less real.
    How can I convey what I know.
    The things only experience can show.

    Sometimes im lost and sometimes im found.
    Sometimes im up and sometimes im down.
    Sometimes im me but mostly I act...... accordance with circumstances that I deem as apt.

    I think I know me but who am I.
    Can the true me be seen with the eye
    Can the real me be touched and carresed

    Infinity.......and the slice of it I cling to.
    So precious, but I really dont appreciate how much yet.
    My life.....this "I".....whose significance I pass through.
    Time, space and to a mere moment.

    What is it I experience...
    I ask whilst experiencing it...
    Why should I live...
    I ask whilst living it...
    What is the purpose...
    I ask whilst fullfilling it...
  2. jimk

    jimk Staff Alumni

    Thanks for your words Bemore.. So much that is real to me here.. TC, Jim
  3. Sadeyes

    Sadeyes Staff Alumni

    Glad you shared this with us and hope you find support here too
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