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Philosophical Rambling

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Inspired by @extraterrestrialone ...


Date: (3.14.2020)

Username: Tana (Old: Someone123).

Age: 25 (Soon 26).

I know I am real, I know my mind projects *something*, but as for you, I cannot be certain. Only you know whether or not you exist, by the ways you define existence...

Though life has no objective meaning, we are free to create our own purpose, paint upon the blank canvas with our picked crayons, to lead ourselves forth the emptiness, with a colourful perspective. After all, what matters more, mind or matter?

Our meanings can be either consistent or ever-changing, depending on how they're set. Some find freedom in the sheer lack of it. Pure Nihilism, "Do as you will".

I have no reason to believe in god. Either the religious version of "him", or otherwise. I have had thoughts, theories, which would include a creator, only not the kind the norm imagines.

While we are pre-set by Nature, Nurture can stir us, within Natures limits. We are not a completely blank slate.

We have free will in a sense where we can use many different techniques to reprogram our brain. We will always use the option that we are programmed to, however.

Our character is ever-changing for the most part. But I believe there is a part of us, which is consistent. That part is the "true us".





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I'm not sure when exactly I began referring to the brain as if it were a machine, but I don't think there is a more fitting set of words for it now. It presents itself as a system, storage of behaviour, emotion and memory, among other things. And within this container are "files", then subfiles. The brain appears coded to learn within its system's capacity from experience/"uploaded files", examples we'd use to create a more complex chatbot, for example.

As said in the "Human Nature" argument, Nature pre-sets, Nurture stirs; - Within Nature's limits.

In the "Free Will" section, where I mentioned our brain can be reprogramed, I recalled the various techniques we use to fix or lessen behavioural issues, in particular. The medication would affect Nature more then Nurture, but then again, within the limits. There are no magic pills, thus far, though CRISPR sounds promising (though frightening, at the same time...).



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I have bookmarked this and will read it with appropriate music later when i relax.
In paticually we differ completly on your brain section. I have had a massive interest in the brain its funtion and capacity this last few months. Very well presented i will get back to you...have a lovely day :)
I believe that everybody has a different perception of everything, including the theme of God. This is because all of us have been walking a different kind of evolutionary pathway that - in my view - has taken us through many earthly lifetimes. Our perception is based on the learning that was gathered through our own experiences.

With love - Aquarius

* * *


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I should have said the word opinion instead of discussion as i only popped in out of a bit of curiosity. However you have opened a pkt of biscuits and taken out a totally new prospective on my train of thought.
With this in mind i will have to bookmark your tempting equation. my love back at you.


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As stated before in the "Meaning" section, a purpose can be ongoing, or forever changing. It can be found in god, achievements, relationships, or anything else you could think of. So, why then do so many of us struggle finding our philosophical reasons for existence? Even more so importantly, perhaps, why do we need it?

I believe we usually have trouble finding our meaning because of two things in particular; 1. To have a purpose, you must value it 2. You must believe in it. You cannot find meaning in art if you don't enjoy it. Simultaneously, you cannot draw your meaning from god, if your faith is fragile. What this more so connects to, is to deeper problems which many of us likely deal with; - 1. Depression 2. Not believing in "a point", due to the lack of objective meaning.

Depression is a sickness which seeks to rob us dry. There are no joys found beyond its cold embrace, therefore, it's harder to draw a purpose. And if you're, by chance also concerned with the lack of a "point" in finding one; - which could be well connected with depression to begin with (though not necessarily) - there is an obvious "issue", and you're unlikely to find yours.

But why would you even need it? Do you? Perhaps you have it without realising it, perhaps it's not big enough for you to realise it. Perhaps you really "don't care". And if you don't care, congratulations. You are lucky. You either go with the flow, the crowd, or are a nihilist which finds freedom in the lack of it, perhaps even going trough certain extremes, ignoring social norms, being neutral of death...It is not always a bad "choice" to be a nihilist, but it isn't for everyone, for sure. I have dabbled in that philosophy, but the lack of meaning - will not lie - frightens me. I set my goals, recently, and currently, will find purpose in an advancement. It is a temporary one, my true meaning nowhere in sight. I could be a nihilist as well, sure. But my time for deciding that road has not yet come. I have much to see, much to explore, much to learn...could that be a purpose...? I doubt I'd ever find "the truth" but I value it highly, whatever, and wherever it is. I also believe in it, as it's the one thing you cannot deny.

This began as the delivery of personal "wisdom" but ending up as a splattered ramble, as was expected. I said much, and am left with even more to think about. I hope I inspired you to think as well, no matter how vague this came to be.




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First...quite a lot you put in that one, so again book marked. I do not bookmark stuff for the fun of it I want to give my full attention to something that i think has meaning and i can learn from. You can never say too much and always make me think. Nothing is vague when thought through in my constructive way of doing stuff. I have purposely jumped to the end of what you have written so i can achieve that.
The suggestion of being a nihilist tells me straight away you have put a lot of effort into this as you seem to do with everything or so i can tell.
You again have given me much to think about and have brought me down from 4 down to 2.
Part 1 of my story is just that i have to get through part 2 and 3 so that 4 can bring my life together and made me the person i am today.
I like you a lot but that is tittle tattle compared to how much i have learned to respect you in only 3 weeks
Thanks for all your input and not just for me. *hug


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Just stick around a bit more i still write nonsense posts it takes time. ha ha and never get offended this is not the place for that. We can all be misunderstood.
In fact some of your philosophy makes me think i do not know what to think. still love it and press LIKE.
Said that so yo do not get a big head young un ha ha ha


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That's a beautiful thread. I like the colours and gorgeous illustrations, it's appealing. :) Also, the theme obviously. I LOVE philosophizing, and many topics from the ones you listed. I'll come back here.


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#Auri lol, I wondering when you was going to turn up. will keep an eye out for you so i do not get my reply mixed up to the above mixed up. I agree she is quite bright in a lot of ways.


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Hi you need to show me or send me tutorial link to put stuff on a big page like you, forget that i will learn.
I went into bookmarks to reply to philosophic stuff.Oh my god i got loads i should have replied to.
Your fault for being too fast with your young brain. That,s a sign right there your getting old you start telling everyone.
I have a simple reply page first to get me going. it will be in next post because i only have this little page i will start anew.


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You say you are real i have reminded you that you are a avatar only you know if you exist,you are correct at that as we go to press.
without mind nothing else matters.
I have wrote about this a bit in religion,i agree with most of what you say apart from what is the norm.
Obviously preset by nature,nurture stirs thirst and greed.We will soon become a blank slate. Nature has limits and it is fighting back for the food and water it needs to maintain itself.
We have free will up to a point you cannot reprogram the brain. The program you talk of are images of manipulation.
I do not think true self exists. Its a nice thought process though.

personal identify a path
Character changes because we grow up. The only consistency if at all is that you choose a path to be true to yourself.

That,s it for now and that was the easy one i chose to reply to in future i will do it in real time to stop confusion.


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So, why then do so many of us struggle finding our philosophical reasons for existence? Even more so importantly, perhaps, why do we need it?
i wonder, maybe it is not so much finding our philosophical reason(s) but being able to actualize it/them. as i believe those reasons are preexisting, it is not actually “need” but actualization. the putting into effect; promulgating; touching others and if i dare suggest, adding to the cumulative moving along on to greater dimensions.


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Hi M8.
EVER heard of wurzel gummage it was on tv when i was kid.
Basically he was scarecrow that lived in the woods he could change his head for any situation he found himself in, a bit like today,s super hero,s.
The only relevance here is thought of him after i read your post.
How can you touch anything philosophical and if reasons preexist then the only thing left is to move on to greater dimensions....just saying M8


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I keep forgetting we are are on a thread and the conversation becomes relevant as opinions and ideas change with the input being given.
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