Philosophy of Suicide

Discussion in 'Suicidal Thoughts and Feelings' started by Vulpes, Jul 20, 2016.

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  1. Vulpes

    Vulpes Member

    Just out of curiosity what other people think i wanted to ask a quick question:
    In which cases do you consider suicide rational and morally acceptable? Please explain your thoughts a little bit and specially DEFINE morality.
  2. Acy

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    Hi, Vulpes. Suicide Forum is a pro-life site. You will not find threads or support for pro-suicide outlooks here. Regardless of a member's personal views on the subject, Suicide Forum is NOT the place for discussions of that nature. We encourage people to talk about why they feel suicidal and how they are working to resolve those feelings in a constructive, life-affirming and life-sustaining way.
  3. Vulpes

    Vulpes Member

    Well then this is your chance to bring the pro life arguments :D
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  4. OCDNihilism

    OCDNihilism Well-Known Member

    Ahah, I know if I did it, that's one of the main reasons I have yet not driffted with the dark waves of thoughts, my family would destroy themselves from within.. Right now is really delicate, but if I did it, I think more deaths would occur, and even much more. Tonight I was really down thinking about this, I must be strong or just resilient. Morally there is nothing to talk about. Morallity within our society it would be considered a bad action obviously, but morality has just been a necessary ilusion of control and of Power. Whatever comes closet o morality to me is, the relations and consequences my actions would represent to others, but it's not morality, we just had to moralize it for the better or worse...
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  5. DadzTruk

    DadzTruk Member

    Morality in its most basic form is defined as what we judge as good or bad (from a standpoint of principles), acceptable or not acceptable behavior.

    Most of the time, I don’t necessarily express my personal Christian beliefs on here, but since you asked what we think, I will share some of those. Not to start a debate, but to possibly give you a different perspective. I’ll ask you to forgive me up front if this is a little long. I believe life is a gift from God – the Creator of the universe. I do not believe that you nor I are the result of some cosmic accident or explosion. The fact that God gave us the gift of life implies that there is a purpose in that gift. While certain parts of our lives are heavily influenced by the decisions of those around us, the ultimate impact of our life boils down to our own decisions and thoughts. I believe God’s plan for our future is a good plan and I believe that each of us are put on this earth to be a benefit to all of those around us. Most of the world chooses to live their lives focused on themselves rather than others and by turning inward it can cause them to fail to see their value because their emotions are in control. Our value is not found in just our own eyes. Our value is found mainly in the Creator and secondarily in our impact on the lives of others – not necessarily in their eyes because many fail to see the impact an individual had on them until many years later. Since I believe that every single person ever born has value from birth and a purpose for their life, I do not believe it can ever be morally acceptable to decide that we don’t have value or purpose and therefore end our lives. Most of us just haven’t found our purpose yet and fail to see our own value because of depression or paying too much attention to the opinions of wrong people in our lives.

    It’s not rational or reasonable to decide that ending our existence will actually make anything better. It doesn’t end our pain, it only transfers it to those around us. Even the ones we are convinced do not care about us. Humans are weird. We will treat those that we need and truly care about the most, with the most contempt and disdain of anyone in our lives. We make some of the most important people in our lives feel as though they are the least important. That’s why neither you, I nor anyone else can measure the value of our life based on how people make us feel. Feelings will lie to you. I work with homeless people. They will lie to you, cuss you, and make you feel like you are bothering them. It can make you wonder why you even bother to help. Then, you see one of them take some of your advice and kick their addiction or get back on their feet. Mend relationships with family or just get an overall better opinion on life. Then you know, whether they ever acknowledge it or not, you helped change someone’s life. Not saying that from arrogance, but realizing God had a purpose in your existence and that purpose was to impact someone else’s life. Our lives are never wasted, never meaningless. We just have to realize the gift we have.

    Just so you know, I was in a deep, dark hole for two years after the economy collapsed and I lost my business, my life savings, etc. I’ve had to work through all of this in my own mind and I had some really wrong thoughts because I thought my life had no purpose or value because of how I “felt”. I can tell you for a fact that there are people who no longer live under a bridge or in their car who were impacted by my purpose. Whatever your purpose is, you need to find it because it is real, it is necessary and yes it actually exists. The world needs you to find it. I’m praying that you nor anyone else that ever comes to this forum fails to see your value and your purpose. Praying that God would begin to show you your purpose at this very moment. Praying for peace and hope to flood your life.
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  6. AlexiMarie7

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    [QUOTE="DadzTruk, post: 1456980, member: 31142". Humans are weird. We will treat those that we need and truly care about the most, with the most contempt and disdain of anyone in our lives. We make some of the most important people in our lives feel as though they are the least important. [/QUOTE]

    This is the sad unvarnished truth. I needed this reminder. Thank you.
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  7. IamTetsuo

    IamTetsuo Well-Known Member

    This is a great post. Sometimes we focus too much on looking inside ourselves for meaning when maybe we need to look outside. If you can approach the world with good intentions then you will have a positive effect even if it's not immeadiately obvious.
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