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    delveloping physical pains in wrists, ankles, knees arthritus. parts of me wats to take more meds but for both physical and mental pains. But only gel capsul forms cuz allergic to others. took good amount tonight n so far lot less pain in wrists then earlier and knees.. ahad allergy medication for eyes burning of zyrtec gel capsul. I need see therapist aand doctor I am very bad tonight I think..

    so hate my brain so confusing mess.. wat med of paisn but some parts is very adament to no meds is so confused inernal.. Really need therapist can talk to feel safe and help n need place live and safee very safe yes.. :'( and hiei dog got stung foot today adn she needed dogy doctros nd they say she fine but still worry and she cute and good dog.

    hate self..things no ore real hard to say... so just moved n paranoid lttle of new palce and new sounds and safe so far but scary still is new. is sorry so messed up tonight and no palce tla to and everythng feel liek im not good enough and all direct to em

    we mus sleep dosson and goodnit