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Physical Symptoms


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Lately I have been riddled with anxiety. I've had panic attacks and experienced being worked up over it, but now I feel like I'm swinging the opposite way. I'm starting to mentally and physically shut down. I feel like a deer in headlights and like I'm hearing and seeing everything from underwater. I can barely focus on a 20 minute TV episode. I have just been staring off with my brain all fuzzy and I have been completely exhausted. Sometimes I start crying out of nowhere and for little to no reason. I am starting to get body aches but I do not have any sickness like a cold or the big one that is going around.. I work out frequently but these aches feel more fever-ish. I'm also exhausted, falling asleep at 8pm and sleeping all the way through to the next morning. I am actually about to go back to sleep and I have been sleeping for about 11 hours already. My energy is drained. Has anyone else ever had anxiety manifest in this way? Maybe I'm also becoming depressed but I don't feel low or sad, just exhausted and paralyzed.


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There's only so much energy your body has at any one time. Anxiety takes a lot so, after a while, the body has to shut down. That's what's happening. I'm usually exhausted after an anxiety episode - especially if it's gone on for some time. And yes, I get aches too - although that could be because I'm not that young anymore. And yep, anxiety can lead to depression too so it could be that as well.

Take care.


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@Wispiwill I have been dealing with almost daily morning panic attacks and having to run to the bathroom or outside at work to suppress anxiety. I come home completely exhausted. It makes sense. It is a lot of energy to expend and it takes energy to try to suppress and cover it all day.


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I think it has to do with frustration and feeling stuck in a bad situation for a long time and trying to get out of it with minimal success. Current world affairs aren't making it any easier. I feel a bit defeated and lost. In order to not become too overwhelmed and completely lose it I have started to become numb to everything. I lost a lot of confidence over the past couple of years. Every day I am fighting negativity from within me.


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If it's a recent development then you might want to ask yourself - what's changed recently?
I'm working on getting therapy so I can delve deeper into this. Part of me wants to think it's because I feel I've reached the end of my rope emotionally but I think there's more to it. Thanks for your responses *hug

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