Physiological or psychosomatic? Opinions sought, please...

Discussion in 'Mental Health Disorders' started by worlds edge, Feb 21, 2009.

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    I haven't had the brass balls to write about this, even though it happened yesterday afternoon. And even then I doubt I'd be bringing it up here if something similar hadn't just happened to me about five minutes ago.

    Well, here goes:

    First episode
    I went into a sort of fugue state yesterday. It only lasted about ten minutes and I seem to have had no ill effects in the aftermath. But, man, what an odd ten minutes. If this makes any sense, I could still sense my body parts, still felt fully in control of my "voluntary" muscles, continued to breathe, and didn't lose control of my bowels or bladder. But I could not move, either. Though perhaps the "could not" language is not quite correct since I felt I could, I just wouldn't. I think I was still thinking about as rationally as I normally do, but perhaps a bit more slowly, and I think I was perhaps a bit fuzzy-headed. But I was also trying to move...

    The best I've been able to come up with is a kind of crazy metaphor: It is as though my body were a normally functioning large boat, with a normal captain on the bridge, but that there was nobody down by the engines to actually turn them on. So the call would come down from the bridge...and nothing would happen, even though the boat itself was fine and would be quite capable of movement had it received the right signals.

    Anyway I sat on my couch for about ten minutes, perhaps more, perhaps less, with the normal sequence of <<order of movement>> ==> <<impulse to move>> ==> <<movement>> being disrupted in the middle. (It may have been more, since when I snapped out of it, I had a sore neck, like you get from holding a body part in one position for too long a period of time.) Meaning I would say to myself "I need to move," followed by...nothing.

    Finally, after about ten minutes, to push the metaphor to its limits, the engineer or whomever returned from his cigarette break and threw whatever switches were necessary, and rather slowly I could get up, walk around, talk, etc., and a few minutes after that was back to normal. Not instantaneous, but not very long, either.

    Today, something quite similar happened though it only lasted about a minute, perhaps less. The frightening part here is that I'd been driving with my son and had just pulled into our garage. I could hear my son in his car seat shouting "Daddy! Out!" but I could not move, turn my head, etc. I did snap out of it quite quickly, got him out of the car and into the house with no problems, but still, what if this had happened two or three minutes earlier when I'd been driving on a busy street, "busy" in the sense of both cars and pedestrians?

    The whole thing is just so weird and out of the ordinary for me, I'm not really certain what the proper steps to take are, if any. So, I'm doubtless going to do what I usually do in a case like this: ignore it and hope it goes away. Though I'd certainly like to hear any thoughts anyone has on this matter.
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