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    If you've either read the book or seen the movie, Life of Pi, then some of this poem will seem familiar. My therapist had recommended I see the movie as he thought it might give me an interesting perspective on my depression. I have yet to see the movie but having finished the book, I wrote this based on my thoughts about the book and my current experience with depression. Without further ado...


    There is a tiger in my boat
    Snarling, vicious, savagely hungry
    Waiting for asthenia
    To steal strength from these bones.
    I cannot sate it
    With a hundred dorados.
    The sea around me barely keeps it at bay,
    Rocking and unsettling it
    With waves of light
    And contented moments.
    When wind is calm, quiet, and still
    The growling predator stalks me
    With cunning, he attempts to sway me
    Into silence and apathetic submission.
    Opening his maw wide
    He teases me closer and closer.
    I am blind to all else but this one thought
    A kind of drunken tunnel vision.
    It is only me,
    Moving nearer to my dark demise
    And the tiger waiting to devour.
    A rogue wave in the distance
    Ripples close enough to knock me down
    And break the spell again.
    All around me the water shimmers
    I step away from the edge
    Of the tiger's jaws,
    Weary of this cycle of fighting
    And rest for a while in the moonlight.
    The sun rises on a new day
    Calm, still waters all around
    And no rescue in sight.
    Perhaps today, the tiger wins his prize.

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    Life of Pi is an amazing film!
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