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I sometimes think that a big part of my problem is that I actually don't want to feel good about myself or the world… and I'm the one who is actively trying to self-destruct/disappear as opposed to trying to actually think positive or get some exercise or feel healthier.

So I have this idea: how's about we all have a good vibes thread, mmmkay?

So basically if you read this you have to promise to have at least 15 positive thoughts without spinning them into something dark and cruddy. If you can't do it all at once, it's okay, but you have to finish before you go back to feeling cruddy.

You don't have to tell anyone what they are and they don't have to make sense or even be anything, but you have to at least try to picture in your mind something non-suicide related that will make you happy.


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I definitely agree, if all you do is stare into darkness you will only see darkness. However, sometimes it is the only thing that feels ok. I will definitely try to do what is suggested in this thread though.


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i agree with you, up until recently i think thats how i was thinking too, i feel i was stopping myself from feeling better because i was scared and it felt 'safe' where i was. i now feel a lot better and have a little more enthusiasm for life, i also feel my meds working better, or notice it more, not sure which. great thread :smile:
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