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  1. selfdepriver

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    Do my best to fill the frame
    With happiness try to portray
    Conceal the constant inner pain
    My apathy i must contain
    Still my image is a stain
    It was wrong of me to try
    To think i would not be denied
    A chance to experience any high
    There is only darkness in my sight
    But i pull together like before
    Hold a smile in through the door
    Like an actor on the floor
    In a b grade movie, my show is poor

    Survivalism of self hate
    Got me to this present date
    Empty and void, all feeling's raped
    Motivational speaking, not my fate
    A terminal nihilism addiction
    Self depriving in contradiction
    Lost of all hopes and dreams
    Down a hole of darkened screams
    Pain so real it is physical
    To the world wounds are invisible
    Self destructive and hysterical
    That i haven't killed myself yet is a miracle

    After all this time i have not learnt
    To let myself be used up and burnt
    My negativity has been observed
    Not that i am worth of concern
    So freely hurt without showing grief
    Presented on the mantle piece
    I am the picture of an oxygen thief
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    Love this. :)
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