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  1. pisces1

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    Shatterd from within never to be whole again
    Pieces blowing in the wind
    Softly floating all around
    Safe from all high above the ground
    Untill they fall gentely without a sound
    all the pieces fall slowly to the ground
    Found all over the place
    A stranger put them together
    but did so with much haste
    Still a beautilful picture did they make
    but a fragile one the stranger would find
    With evil thoughts so easy to break
    Without much care the beautiful
    picture was taken from this place
    to be hid away from all to see
    for now the picture belonged to he
    Kept in a dark corner
    without much care
    pieces soon to fall everywhere
    Some were picked up and put
    back in place
    now a beautilful picture it did not make
    With no beauty left to be found
    it was taken and buried
    deep within the ground
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  3. Daphna

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    Very intense. Thanks for sharing. :hug:
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    I love it!
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