Piles of shit fall too often

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    For starters, my parents are going on vacation for over a week. It's the first time me and my 20 year old brother are going to be left home for that long a time. My brother is a total dick. He parades his dumb, ugly girlfriend around the house and acts like he's the shit. I can't stand it. Tonight he turned off a light in the kitchen that I had turned on. I turned it on cuz when I shut the TV off I can't find my way to the stairs. He pulls the whole "you don't pay for it" shit and tells me i'm a loser, drop out (tho i'm in school and he dropped out of COMMUNITY COLLEGE after TWO months) and I'll kill myself and never get laid/ have a girl friend. So the next week or two is gonna be interesting.

    My parents are pulling the whole "economy is REALLY bad so don't be surprised if you don't get a job" lines, which make me feel good considering I've been applying at places for months without any luck. Then the next day it's "why the fuck dont you have a job? We cant pay for your car insurance forever". So that jerks me around emotionally.

    School- ugh... thats enough.

    Only thing that makes me feel better is the drugs. I took a shower and had a sudden urge that I could graduate somehow, move away get a good job and find a nice girl epiphany but that ended after I thought about beating the ever loving shit out of my brother with a golf club (too brutal?).

    Well whatever, hopefully I'll get some non-asshole friends to join me in going to see one of my fav bands on my birthday. Apparently me driving and paying for the gas for a 45 min car ride to see a good band for practically free isn't "worth their time"... on my birthday... a free ride-to a concert-of a good band- on my birthday... isn't worth it... on my birthday...
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    thats rough