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Pills: can they be good?

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So everyone says they're a horrible way to try. I want to <mod edit: one by one - methods>. In the interests of information, would anyone care to tell me why pills are so bad?
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Right. I don't care about the editing. But wouldn't it be pro-life if someone told me why pills are bad, and then that put me off it, and I decided not to kill myself? I'm not exactly asking FOR methods here.
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pills are a bad because you are putting poison into your body in an excessive amount, the liver and kidneys try to filter out poisons so these are usually the first places hit by an OD, if these organs are overloaded the can and will shut down, this take a very long time and is very painful, you may think a bit of pain before you die wont matter as long as you end up dead, well will you still think that a week later when youre in so much pain you cant move?

the above is assuming that you actually die from the OD which isnt actually likely, most sever ODs end in constant pain or further problems such as dialysis (sp?) or you can go to the bottom of the liver transplant list cos you dont need one now but probably will in 10 - 15years

if you think youve got the perfect OD planned think about where you got the info, im betting the person who gave it to you was alive when they did so, exactly how much of an expert ov the perfect way to die do you think someone whos alive really is?
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