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Ok so I have sleeping pills now and I have used them 2 times now. I really dont like them. Because your body starts to relax first, but my mind, my thoughts still keep going on. Ok its not like normal and the thoughts go on for hour. But I just prefer alcohol. Whats so wrong with alcohol, if it helps me. It helps the thoughts go away and knock me out, so I fall asleep really fast. When I'm asleep, I'm asleep. I dont think I really need those pills. Damn I even started dreaming about hulk hogan. Thats maybe worser than nightmares. I just want my booze or stay up all night, so I can fall asleep right away next day. I only got those pills, because those people think I'm an alcoholic. Its not that I stop drinking if I use those pills. The pills dont have the same effect as alcohol, booze just makes me feel so good.
I dunno it anymore, what our your thoughts about sleeping pills?? Or experiences??


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you might be better with an alpha wave CNS inhibitor, something like a benzodiazepine those tend to slow your thoughts down and make your brain "tired".


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She is right blub. Benzos are the way to roll, but they are highly addictive. They will make you feel better than alchohol ever could.

But, if you think you would abuse them, they are not a good one to get started on.


There are many natural remedies that may help. Supposedly non-addictive:

Kava Kava root
Ocean Pearl Powder

Warning-non intentional trigger :unsure:
People call this safe, but it is a man made chemical. Doctors prefer it as a substitute for more addictive tranquilzers.
I however, am on diphenhydramine(Benadyl) right now. It only serves to calm me. No matter how much I take. But I know enough to realize my level of tolerance.... you can OD if you go nuts and take too much, or by multiplying the effects by drinking with it.
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