Pinched Nerve or Heart Problem?

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Hey guys I was wondering if this is a pinched nerve or a heart problem. basically I am feeling a tingling sensation down my left arm sometime with upperleft chest discomfort. Also I get a very painful heavy tight feeling in the middle of my chest for a few seconds like somethings sitting on top of my chest which causes me to lose me breath, then it goes away. Also when I have coffee/energy drinks/ dexamphetamine/ritalin for ADD which causes it to get much much worse almost scary. This has been happening for about 9 months.

its gradually getting worse? Pinched nerve or heart problem?

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no one can diagnose you here we are not professionals hun YOu need to get into see your doctor could be hundred reasons why you are getting these symptoms Get checked out now okay don't leave it another 9mths go see what is causing this pain digestion or heart don't fool around okay get doctor to assess you
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