pissed off angry about everything

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    just been in such a fowl mood ther past two days. living near idiots who cant shut the fuck up and leave me alone. fuckl bringing the cops in it maskes shit worse really just want to beat some bitch to a pulp whos been messing with me. bullshit fucking bullshit.all of it. oh it gets to you you what it really does it shows me the true colors of people who need an ass beating. mind your own business you fucking sorry p.o.s.
  2. cloudy

    cloudy Well-Known Member

    you tell people you dont feel good and they just keep on your ass like its nothing.
    no one really gives a shit those people in those wards are being pasid to watch your crazy ass
    they dont care
    this world doesnrt give a shit
    just remember that as youre taking your last breath.\

    no one
    fucking cares. except maybe your family. even then there is no way back from this.