Pissed off by "Les racailles de France".

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  1. finao

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    I'm reading in the park, and a young teen trio comes over next to me, with the only intent to waste people's time... in this case, mine.

    There was one girl, jailbait and liar, and two younger boys, a wanna be alpha male who talks aggressivly, and the other, a follower of the previous with nothing much to say except more lies. All scumbags.

    It pisses me off that I decided to leave just because they wouldn't stop their aggressive way of talking, even after i told them that i'd be more than willing to have a conversation, but that they'd have to change their attitude or else i'm leaving.


    my philosphy is : Surround yourself with people who are your goals in life, otherwise your wasting your time.

    they obviously were part of the latter. wasting my time...

    OK thx for reading. i feel better. but gonna get a drink.....
  2. Terry

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    Been there, and it really pisses me off that some people think they own the bloody world.
    Deep in a book and I got hassled for cigarettes, u want to smoke..go buy your own :mad:

    Hope the drink was good :smile:
  3. finao

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    thx for the response :) made me smile.
    hope you are doing well Terry

  4. finao

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    oh and also, after reading your signature, i noticed that you like quotes as well as adding your own personal touch to them ;)
  5. oftenconfused

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    Hey, :nice:

    Sure, smartass punks and leeches feeding on other people's energy, got a lot of those in my country and all over the world.:mad:

    There’s not much we can do about it but I think we’ve got an advantage.:showoff:

    As one once said:
    “Education is our passport to the future, for tomorrow belongs to those who prepare for it today!” (Malcolm-X)

    and they are obviously the ones who are not preparing themselves.:giggle:

  6. morning rush

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    I hate those people, I was waiting for the bus with my headphones on so naturally any intelligent person would know I am listening to music yet they talk to you and get offended when you don't respond...or if they bother me too much I tell them that I'm not in the mood to chat and to leave me alone and they get all mad...
  7. MLKane

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    I must have a scary face or something because I get people tap me on the shoulder and ask for a light or smokes or booze but I look at someone and they avoid me. Also I generally have my music so loud that you can hear it across a bus, and I have in-ear headphones so that's pretty loud. Either people know I'm listening to music or they're put off by the death core and black metal pumping out of my head lol.

    but yeah, small kids coming up and asking me to buy shit for them piss me off, I'm not their friend, I'm not gonna help them out no matter who their brother is (and this tends to be someone I've never heard of, usually some year 10 with an attitude who comes running for a fight when their bro or sis calls but just gets the kiddies to back off when he sees that I'm a big bastard)