Pissed off!

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    I'm so fucking pissed off right now. I apologize for swearing, but it's the only way I know how to express how I feel.

    Today at work, I had a customer who gave me dollar bills for her order, when I put the amount received in, it showed 92 cents change. She said she wanted to give me a quarter and take out a dollar I guess so she would not receive as much change. I have a policy that I won't do that because it could mess up the register numbers and if I end up being short than I can get a warning. Because other transactions can go wrong, I simply won't change a transaction once it's been completed. I told her, "I'm sorry. The numbers have already been entered." She said she something about still wanting to do it, so I calmly repeated myself that the transaction has been completed. She then asked if I am giving her 92 cents. I told her I would be, in which she replied she wanted to see a manager. I called the manager and didn't think about it again because it was such a minor issue. However, at the end of the day, the owner said she will be spiting me between a cashier and stocker because someone complained about me. That was it. No chance to explain my side. She didn't even know how to pronounce my name. I'm sorry, but I feel I'm one of the better cashiers. I always greet people, am polite, and tell them to have a nice day. I work fast. I do a good job and because one person complains about me, that's it? I'm in trouble. I can't freaking believe it. I'm pissed off right now. It's pretty much only because the owner was there. The other mangers would just take the complaint and go on with their lives. They understand how minor this is. I mean, I understand it's unfortunate for the customer to get change back, but to complain to a manager about it??? Bullshit!
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    The public at large sucks.
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    People will complain, pretty much about anything and everything.

    All it could have taken is a quick calculation - 92 cents + a quarter (I presume 25 cents) = the change you'd then have given back. Customer wouldn't complain, register wouldn't be wrong, no issue. But not everyone is quick on their feet with math, and not everyone realises that.
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    I know that it is your policy, but what is the store's policy in a situation like this? One of the rules of thumb in business is, "the customer is always right." It's usually best, even when a customer is wrong, to let them have their way. Customer's can be a pain - the pain is reduced when they get their way.
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    When you go back in to work you need to tell your manager what you just told us. Ask if you can have a quick word and say it's really upset you because you are always polite with customers and then explain what happened and why you didn't want to change the amount of money. I'm sure once you've explained they will set things right.