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    i was about to attempt yesterday, but i got scared. i decided to tell my best friend how i was feeling, and she threatened to tell my parents and told me i needed help. last night she called me a selfish cow and said she couldnt belive i would actually think of doing something like that. i text her today apologising, (even though it should have been the other way round) and she called me selfish once again. i dont know why i bothered,now shes just threatening to tell my parents and ive officially got no friends. Shes made me want to die so much more. I thaught telling her would help me and that she would understand, man was i wrong. im so pissed off, my life is now fucked.
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    You're right, she is the one that should of apologized. You shared a very scary intimate moment with her. A real friend would do anything they could to help, but not belittle you or your feelings. Please, don't let her ignorance stop you from seeking help when you need it. What you did was right, to seek help. So I ask you to do it one more time. Please phone a crisis line or teen help line and let them know how you are feeling. They can possibly hook you up with some phone numbers of support groups or docs that you can contact to help you through the suicidal feelings. If you can get some help your life is not fucked but just now really beginning!!!
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    You can't really blame your friend too much sophie. She shouldn't have called you a 'selfish cow,' but she only wants you to be safe, that's why she was saying that she was going to tell your parents. She doesn't want to lose her friend. She probably has no experience dealing with suicidal people too, so don't be too hard on her.
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    I'm sorry to hear bad news:hug:
    Please stay safe!