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  1. Rukia

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    I'm so pissed off today. Have been biting my teeth together so hard for a while now so I'm worried I'm going to damage them. My head fucked up big time yesterday, and today everyone annoys me. My best friend helped me slow down my thoughts this morning, so I was ready to see my doc and maybe tell her a bit of how I really feel. But she only wanted to talk about how my new meds are making me tired and whatever. She even ended the session 30 minutes early because I was tired. Just her attitude makes me so angry. She doesn't know shit about me, but she doesn't want to know more either. I wanted to tell her about my head fucking up, but she was just "I think it's best if we do this in 3 weeks, maybe you're not tired then", and she almost chased me out of there. Again my best friend had to calm me down, before I could drive home. Went to the movies with some friends and they made me sit and watch their jackets while they all went together to get snacks, making me go alone to get it. Not a big deal, I know, and they didn't mean to hurt me, but it really triggered my mood again. When I get home my exbf/bf (dont know really) ignores me on msn until he says he has to go and then says something else that triggers my anger again. So now I'm really pissed off, my head is fucking up again and my teeth hurt. Fuck this life, I hate it and I hate myself for being like this. It's night time where my best friend lives and I think he is the only one that can calm my thoughts down now.

  2. total eclipse

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    Can you write a note Rukia and leave it with your doctors office to give her.
    She should know about the racing thoughts it will help you okay
    I am sorry she did not take time needed to see really where you are at. write note okay and leave it at her office hugs
  3. WildCherry

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    Is there any way you can switch to a new doctor? The one you have isn't listening to you, and that's obviously not going to help you.
  4. Rukia

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    total eclipse - I'm thinking about doing that.

    WildCherry - It's not the docs fault really, it's mine. It's the same with every doc, I'm not good at talking to them. I make them give up on me, but I think it was a bit too early to give up now after only 4 or 5 sessions. :dry:
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  6. Rukia

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    Thank you :hug:
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    They are professionals they should not ever give up on you hugs A letter i have used many times that way i don't forget to include everything
  8. ~Young-Violet~

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    Hey Rukia,

    I am glad you are thinking aboutwriteing a letter to your Dr, that can be very hard at times so weldone.

    Seems like you've had a rough day, don't let it put you down, it doesn't seem like you felt your Dr was willing to listen you can report this to the main front desk who will act upon it, they have a duty to support you through what you are going through :hug: How would you feel about that?
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    She is the head doc there, so I don't really feel that I can report her. I'll try writing a letter and see how it goes from there.

    The day was rough, but it ended good. Got to talk to my best friend for a while and he lifted my mood a lot. :)
  10. total eclipse

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    I am glad you have a best friend who help Rukia hugs
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    Hey Hanne, Can you go to the drug store?? They have teeth guards for people that grind their teeth..These work..It's hard on your teeth to keep it up.. As far as your doctor goes.. She's an ass!! :unsure: She see's you are in distress and sends you home like that..Very unprofessional..
  12. Rukia

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    total eclipse - :hug:s back. I'm very lucky to have him in my life, he is my reason to live most of the time.

    Stranger - I don't usually do that to my teeth, just felt I had to do it to keep sane. The second I stopped I had a panic attack. :dry: I guess she was wrong to send me home, also because she knew I was driving. If I was too tired to talk to her then I really shouldn't drive. Hehe.