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pissed off

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Fucking pissed off right now ... am not allowed to look at my own pills because i wanted to make sure i had enough for the week with out my husband having a go at me ....yes i want to OD on them but am hardly going to do that infront of my husband.
i know he cares but fuck he is going over board


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It is so hard to strike a balance between being concerned and being controlling, especially when we think someone is not doing well...one of my best friends, who died in Sept, used to call me mother hen for this reason...sorry it feels so suffocating but it sounds like it is coming from a good place (not that it makes it any easier)...big hugs, J

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i can see your frustration i see it eveydy with my own girl wanting to take back some control over her meds but the fear instilled in us won't allow that. Trust is not even an issue here it is just concern and saftey we care about hugs to you
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