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    I wanted a crying emoticon but couldn't find it.... :(

    I am pissed, annoyed, tired and I've had enough...

    I'm tired of having damn nightmares every night, waking up in the morning all messed up because of those damn stupid idiotic nightmares...

    I'm tired of people who say they want to help and don't (I'm not talking about anyone here so don't worry)

    and people who make a mess and expect you to clean it for them...

    I'm tired of my stupid family...I hate them, I'm angry and pissed at them...I would scream the F word if I could...

    I try so f***ing hard to help myself out of depression and anxiety and I have others pushing me right back down...and then I have no one...*cries*
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    I am sorry it is such a difficult time right now and seems to have been for some time. "Fair" seldom seems to matter in the world for anybody and certainly is not a naturally occurring thing. In the end, it is good to have people offer support and sympathize but as you seem to have figured out clearly it is yourself that needs to pull yourself out and up. The second part of the lesson is if others cannot be counted on to pull you up you owe it to yourself to refuse to let them push you back down as well.....
    You may not have many or even any you can truly count on to when you need it most but you have already proven how strong you are by yourself-- choose to be by yourself when they start pushing you down- put distance between you when it is good for you - it is not selfish- it is self preservation to say "not today- today is for me or about me and I do not have energy for you"
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    Glad you can vent here hun keep letting go of the pain here ok Just know you can count on us hugs