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  1. Ellie Grey

    Ellie Grey Well-Known Member

    I've never actually seen someone look at me with pity, I've seen anger, sadness, hope, pride, all kinds directed me, but never pity.
    Today a substitute teacher was bullshitting my class with the whole 'true love'
    Usually I try and not comment on stuff like that, however I was not in a good mood and seeing my class listening to her I felt sickened.
    So I told her there was no such thing.
    All around me everyone in relationships seem to fail. I've seen (Not actually seen but I've been around it)people use their boyfriend/girlfriends, emotionally/mentally/physically hurt them, cheat on them, steal from them, murder them.
    All around me my online friends are being sexually abused, verbally abused, physically abused, emotionally abused.
    I find nothing good in life, it's filled with greed, lust, violence, hate and murder.
    To this the teacher looked at me in pity, it was an odd moment, even when I looked away I could see her looking at me.

    I understand that there is no point in talking to anyone in authority, they're just bastards using everyone for their own selfish gain, greed at its finest.
    Seems like everybody smiles at their friends/family/partners and as soon as they turn they're conspiring against them.

    Do I deserve pity for being realistic?
    I pity those who have rose tinted view on everything.
  2. JmpMster

    JmpMster Have a question? Message Me Staff Member Forum Owner ADMIN

    You base (as everybody does) your opinions on personal experience and observations in large part. I believe there is sufficient evidence for most to agree love, compassion, and many good things do exist. If your experience has never found these things as opposed to denying the existence of them look in new places to find them.
  3. Firespirit3

    Firespirit3 Member

    To me pity is the worse. Pity is a feeling that people show when they have nothing else to feel. I would rather have them feel anything else. I agree with you true love doesn't exist. I'm not sure if love even exists anymore. Some people have different opinions that doesn't make them right or wrong. So to answer your question no you don't deserve pity for saying your mind.
  4. Terry

    Terry Antiquities Friend Staff Alumni

    I think the look was more about sadness for cynacism in one so young.
    I agree, today relationships seem to be mine fields, but having experienced real love(even if it didnt last), I too feel sad that you think this will never happen to you.
  5. Witty_Sarcasm

    Witty_Sarcasm Eccentric writer, general weirdo, heedless heathen

    You aren't wrong for voicing your opinion. Your teacher shouldn't be showing you pity just because your opinion differs from hers. I don't believe in love either, because I've experienced a lot of what you have. Anytime I tried to love someone, I got laughed off, not taken seriously, or just used. So maybe I am a bit cynical in that regard. I don't believe in love, at least not for myself. You shouldn't ever feel bad for speaking your mind. It would be a boring world if everyone agreed with each other on everything.
  6. JohnADreams

    JohnADreams Well-Known Member

    I agree that believing in True Loveā„¢ is naive. Heh, I don't know. Maybe if you were younger, she would look at you the same way if you said Santa Claus wasn't real.
  7. dvnj22

    dvnj22 Well-Known Member

    I do think true love exists, just not in the form that we imagine it to be in. It's also very, very rare...... like panda bear rare. Also happiness doesn't depend on love of any sort either, it may make it easier. But I don't think its a requirement. There also many forms of love also. But I think happiness, satisfaction, contentment, and most importantly fulfillment comes from within.

    It's good too remember that some people are not cut out for romantic love too.
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