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Plagued by midweek people.

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All my life I have been plagued by midweek "people".
They are keen to engage with me on a Monday,Tuesday,Wednesday,Thursday...but come Friday,Saturday or Sunday they are nowhere to be seen.
Visiting days for this week are over.

Funny thing is,these same "people" are also nowhere to be seen on my birthday,at Christmas,New Years,Valentines day,times of bereavement,personal crisis,etc.....(you get the picture,any time that counts)

Guess I must be one hell of a weekday ego masseuse.

Join the club if you know what I'm talkin' about.
Your "friends" suck.

You however,rock. :)

They deserve to have garbage rained down on them from the ramparts of a French castle.

Tell them I said that,next time they're all cozy and safe in the graciousness of your kind hospitality,tell them what nomoney boy said!:grr:

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sorry to hear you so called friends are like that i hope you can go out and find friends that will care about you especially when you need them you can pm anytime okay hugs


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Midweek people - good one!

I was thinking what made a good friend - I have quite a few friends, although I'm more in the staying in mode for now. You grow to a certain age and you accumulate various friends from various eras of your life.

Also, living local in an area you grew up in - you have friends who go back years - but these friends I meet on equal ground - the pub or so on. I don't have many visitors to my home - just a few friends and family.

Friends have be loyal - to back people up but also to be a calming influence and sometimes hold them back.

Friends should be interesting. You need to know stuff to be a person who others listen to.

A funny person is a good friend - someone with a sense of humour can really brighten up a dull day.

Also, be caring. Ask how other people are doing if you see them - say hello to neighbours and shop workers and so on. Practice this on anyone who you come into contact with, if you feel up to it.


Friendship is reciprocal - this means, I do something - you generally do something back as friendship works when favours are a two way thing. Someone chills out in your home - and does not invite you to that party at the weekend - then you mark them down on the points list.

Everyone starts at ten - anyone might be a friend, but we all have our points system which scores people for generosity, reciprocity with favours and so on.


noun: the practice of exchanging things with others for mutual benefit.


C18: from French réciprocité, from réciproque, from Latin reciprocus (see reciprocate).

Give and take - those who take are not friends.
@Total eclipse.Thanks. :) I might just call your bluff on the pm. ;)
What would you do then,huh! ;)
Thanks. :)

@Peacelovingguy-Reciprocal,that's a good word.I hate unbalanced games,where you are always kept guessing,on the tip of an anxiety because of deliberate mixed and half messages are given to you by people who do not understand the easy rolling,giving,sharing nature of just being carefree without a master plan to fall back on.

Sorry,I went off on one there,but your words are as choice as they are wise.

I always ask people how they are doing,sometimes the reply delivered with suspicion and an attitude of taking offense.
Poker face people are very good at putting a halt on any emotional inquiries.
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