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    Hi. I don’t really know where to post this, but I hope putting it here’s okay. I’m posting again on this site because as usual, I don’t have anyone to consult to about my problems. I usually keep everything to myself, but since this a matter that needs the opinion of others and at the same time, no one in my life is there to help me, better yet just post it here to ask advices from you guys :)

    Anyway, so this topic is about my incoming college life. I believe in the saying that “success is the greatest revenge”. Only very few people in my life have recognized and praised my potential and talents and had made me feel special and those people aren’t even my family. But those people are the ones who I will surely thank when given a chance.

    So, I am very preoccupied about the thought of what I will be taking I college. I was born and live in a third world country in south east Asia, the Philippines. I wish I had the money to study in the US, Australia, Europe, or any other first world countries, because seriously, people who were born there should know how lucky they are and privileged. They have everything even though they think they don’t. What else can a person like me do especially if like me, that person was born to a middle class family in a third world country?

    So, anyway, the course I want to take up is astronautical engineering or aerospace engineering, but focusing also on astronautics. However, as limited my country can offer, aeronautical engineering is only available. Also, my dad (my mom doesn’t talk to me, since we’re currently not in good terms) doesn’t think I can handle the mathematics behind that course. I won’t lie, I have a hard time in math. I used to love it, but after being forced to do algebra in every work I do, I got sick of it. But all in all, my grades in school don’t suck. I’ll be honest, my average is 95/100 for my academics and my conduct is 98/100 (as a whole). I’m not smart but I work very, very hard. I don’t sleep just to get the same grade as my naturally smart classmates who don’t need to work hard for their grades. Also, not to mention, they’re so much richer than me. They can afford studying in abroad. But for me, I need to find a scholarship due to financial difficulties. However, I don’t think I will be number one candidate for that. Due to my long-term depression, I don’t think as creatively as my classmates. They are a better candidate than me to a scholarship.

    I have a passion for video games also. That’s why I am also eyeing on the video game industry (which is almost nonexistent in my country -.-). That’s also one of the reasons I want to take up astronautical engineering (Mass Effect series hahaha :D). Computer science or engineering is also okay with me  But again, my dad doesn’t believe I can pass it (because to my family, my grades don’t achieve their expectations).

    I’ve also always been interested in history. I took up special college classes called Advance Placement on history, A.P. World History. They teach you college level history classes. Ever since I was a kid, I’ve always wanted to be an archaeologist and dreamed to make computer games like Firaxis’ Civilization or Total War games  But then, I only got an 85/100 in A.P. World History. I could’ve done better in normal history classes… But when you take up A.P., it replaces your normal history class. And I wasn’t really the favorite of my teacher. Sometimes, she snobs my ideas. However, she did tell me that my ideas were the most unique and very interesting. So, anyway, I still got discouraged after taking up her subject.

    Lastly, my parents want me to be a veterinarian since my brother is taking up agriculture. So that, according to them, my brother and I can put up a business together (and businesses with agriculture and veterinary together make up very well in my country since because let’s just say my country is very agricultural). But veterinary isn’t really what I am most interested in… I like animals but I’m not interested in studying about them -.- …

    So, basically, I need your help guys because I don’t have anyone here to help me with my future, not even my own parents -.-
    Any help would be much appreciated. Thank you :)

    P.S. I’ve sent emails to sites of big engineering companies like BAE Systems and Lockheed Martin about becoming an engineering and working for them in the future and what should I take up then in college. I’m still waiting for their reply.

    Also, guys, last question: do you think if I study in the Philippines but want to work for international/multinational companies in the US or Europe, or Australia, do you think I will be accepted? Because maybe they’re biased against the education of a third country like the Philippines or may doubt me or something.

    Thank you. Please help me :(
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    First off i think you need to really focus on what YOU want to do ok because it will be your life not your parents I think your grades are awesome wow hun way to go If you heart is in engineering then do that ok I think if you have a degree and you have uniqueness to you then you can be hired anywhere hugs
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