Planning My Suicide (Triggering For Suicidal people- dont read if you are)

Discussion in 'Suicidal Thoughts and Feelings' started by EtherealSoul, Oct 8, 2013.

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  1. EtherealSoul

    EtherealSoul Member

    Please, any who are triggered by these kinds of topics, leave. I don't want to hurt anyone.

    I am planning my suicide<mod edit guidelines>. I have a note written to my sister, the only person who cares. I have no friends left who care, no family who cares (except those wanting me into their cult practices). Except my sister, who will be devastated. I know that. I cannot live my life for her, though.

    I want to die <mod edit - methods>. It will work, according to the police and EMT's who came here last time. I just want to end it all and go home. I know there will be repercussions and I will likely regret it once I'm on the 'other side'. But I cannot handle life anymore. I love the Earth, and the people on it, but I cannot live here anymore.
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  2. MdngtRain

    MdngtRain Well-Known Member

    please reach out to someone. go to an ER or call a hotline...
  3. rtrt46546565

    rtrt46546565 Well-Known Member

    Can you talk with your sister right now? I don't mean to try to tell you how to run your life or anything, but maybe it'd be good to talk to her before you do anything drastic.
  4. mpang123

    mpang123 Well-Known Member

    We all care about you. Please hang on.
  5. EtherealSoul

    EtherealSoul Member

    I didn't follow through.

    Sorry to the mods for breaking guidelines.
  6. bhawk

    bhawk Well-Known Member

    whenever you feel like you did, put your headphones in and listen to "dan le sac vs scroobius pip" song, "magicians assistant"
    It may help give you a different perspective
    Another song that may help is "get better" again by scroobius pip....
    If you are lacking inspiration for life please watch this
    I actually implore everyone to watch that movie, its a sagan-esque view, a wonderful view!
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