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  1. i'm curious to know if others make plans and preparations - in readiness for THE big day?

    i'm a planner - and a methodical one at that - i've already started on my final prep - its like a military operation (it even has a name - which i can't mention - method)

    i'm a hoarder - on a massive scale - i've kept bits of paper and useless stuff - from over 40 years ago - i don't think i have ever chucked anything away - until now that is

    a few weeks ago - i started going through my personal stuff - picked out the really sensitive bits that i wouldn't want anybody else to see or keep - and i burnt them all. since then i've started to go through other paperwork, pictures, diaries, poems, art etc - and burnt all of that too

    i've still got mountains of stuff to clear - and i am determined to clear the lot - just curious to know if others have (or thought about) doing similar, and why

    my reasoning for getting rid of all my cr@p - is that i wouldn't want anybody else to have to clear it all - it's all rubbish anyway so would certainly end up in the bin. and it's been sort of refreshing - burning my past
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    Actually it can be very healing to do as you are doing to get rid of the thoughts that you released in pain such as writing and poetry You will find your mind works so much clearer when all the clutter is out of the way in your environment
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    To be honest,no. I'm very impulsive but i won't lie , there are some nights i will stay awake all night going over and over methods. Although now I am stable and without suicidal thoughts,thank goodness.I'll hope you will find something in life worth holding onto.
  4. I plan most everything. The way I'll do it. The time of day. Where. I'll even save up cigarettes to use while I'm waiting to die. Even though I plan, I never quite get it right. I always think that one more pill, a cut one centimeter over, and I would've succeeded. It kills me inside when I think about it.