Plant Based Eaters!

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    Hey there, guys! Where my girls (& boys) at? Vegans & Plant Based eaters let me know you're here and let me know some of your favourite things to eat/make. I could really use some more interesting meal and snack ideas. And also some like-minded friends.

    I've been eating a plant based diet for about 3 months now and I find I tend to eat the same things all the time. Like, aaaaall the time. I definitely have my favourites. But I definitely find what others eat super interesting. I'm always on youtube watching vegan 'what I eat in a day' videos. So good.

    Nice to meet you (in advance)

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    Hi there ! I like to make humus myself, homemade pizza with mushrooms tomatoes and vegan cheese. Avocado burgers, filled tomato soup, veggie Chilli.
    Anyway nice to meet you and take care :)
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