Played any good games lately?

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I wanted to share this new isometric RPG I've been playing. It's currently in early access.
It's called "Enclosed" and it's about being in a dome with no exit, but the dome has a lot of artefacts we don't know how to use. You can pick several "classes" to play as, I picked the scientific class, known as the "White Wing", you can also play a businessmen/woman, a prisoner, a military guy/gal or a technician of sorts. Here are some screenshots;


You also have crafting, hacking, fighting, lockpicking etc, all that cool stuff. And it's a cool story so far, and just the beginning. :)
Did you play anything recently you thought was great, so want to share?


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I sent a concerned post to jdot because i thought she had a addiction to collecting phone sim cards...i was then informed that sim was a game and she was just saying in her signature addicted to sim.

So now i know of 2 games... i felt stupid lol


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@laup :D

Also, seriously, what's up with everyone here playing sims all the time?? Jesus, you're missing out if you think those are actually good games! ;PP


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I have some games on my phone. Need for Speed no limits, nba jam, tetris, a flight sim, and was on a puzzle games kick was playing a lot of baku baku animal. I need to get metal slug again. Nba jam on the phone is great, it’s still 2 on 2 and same controls but new teams (2015ish) and 3d graphics.


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Hi Tana the game looks cool. Is it on Steam? I could google but figured I'd ask haha!

I mostly play puzzle/ adventure games. Some good ones are Whispers of the Machine, Kathy Rain (same developer), Rusty Lake series, etc. I could come up with more titles but my mind isn't functioning rn.

I love games with good stories. I tend to abandon game after the story ends and I guess that tells you something about me haha!
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