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Discussion in 'Suicidal Thoughts and Feelings' started by Silent1, Dec 19, 2011.

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  1. Silent1

    Silent1 Well-Known Member

    Im so tired of this damn game. all my life everything has just been a freaking joke, im so use to dissapointments and things to go wrong i can predict when there gonna happen now like a fuckin psychic. let me paint the picture of what my last two weeks been like, ive sat in my little dark room for hours on end only to get up and go to the bathroom or make some food, its funny cause that small little room gets so big in the dark i can think up many things in that world. well im ready to snap, last few days ive just been looking back on all this bullshit thats in my past in i only see the same thing in the future, ive been having these really real dreams that take me places i dont like then wake up and think about them for hours. cant get this stuff out my head its like the devil just trying to piss me off and send me over the edge cause he wants me to kill myself. that brings up a whole other topic im scared shitless of what happen when you die, it scares me shitless that the human race dosent even know where were at and what we are, yea yea were on planet earth....wheres that? whats on the other side of a black hole? whats god plan for us, for me? is there a god? seems like a freaking video game and im just getting played with and someone else is having fun, but im not....blah blah blah, i can ramble on for hours, but im losin it
  2. Groznyji

    Groznyji Active Member

    My last two weeks have been similar. I think I have a case of cabin fever. I'm trying to get out and walk around and ride my bike and such.

    What kinds of bullshit have you had to deal with?
  3. crystalclear

    crystalclear Well-Known Member

    is there a god? well, I cant answer that..some people believe there is, some dont. I think the more important question is what is your plan for yourself? If you feel like you're being played then turn the game around, where you're the one who is controlling you're life. Have you tried distracting your self? Any goals you want to fulfill to keep you busy?
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