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I had no other place to ask for help but here. I'm loosing everything I've ever owned. I can not get state assistance were I live, and I'm waiting for SSDI. I've been out of medication for over six weeks, and I've had to contact crises intervention three times over the course of of the month. I'm at my last end. My car will be repo at the end of the month. I do not have an income at this time, and I do not qualify for food assistance because of the state budget cuts. I'll be homless within the next month without the help of anyone.

My family has cut all ties with me. They do not wish to help me. How could I blame them? After all, I'm the S.O.B. of a son that has caused them nothing but pain and being nothing but a thorn in their sides. I do not know were else to turn to or go. This is my only last chance for anyone who could help me. I'm sorry. I should of have ended it all the last time I posted on here. It has got to the point were I just can not go on anymore. Without your help and support, I have no more help. I'm sorry. Please don't hate me. I need friends right now.

I have been trying to find any kind of work. They don't want to hire someone who has a mental illness or a physical ailment they can see such as my essential tremors. All I asked my family for was the $300.00 to help me keep my car so I can get to places I need to. When I was living in Maryland I was getting cash assistance and food assistance. When I moved back to TN, my mom contacted social services and they cut me off. She told me she wouldn't do this to me so I would have a means of surviving until I could find some type of work. After only one week of being back, she had me cut off. She told me that she does not believe in mental illness, she said it is just a crutch people use to live off the system. I asked her how my three Dr's could be faking, and she said they do it all the time.

I have been diagnosed with bipolar, mood disorder, depression and a physical ailment called essential tremors. My mom was fine when I was getting state support because she was using the food assistance for herself, but now that I live back in TN, she cut me off so here I am. I'm sorry to be bothering everyone on here with my problems. My sister has called twice to let me know that she does not believe in mental illness and she said that tho she has not seen me for the past fourteen years, she said that it's a bunch of sh*t to her. She and my mom has cut all ties with me since my diagnosis. I've been fortunate enough to have my house paid up til the end of November, but after that if I don't have a job, I'll loose my home as well.

I know my problems are not your problems. I know everyone has issues. I should not be posting on here about my problems. I'm sorry. I just don't have no other place to go for help.


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Oh my God, you poor poor soul. I wish more than anything that I could suggest something that would help, but I'm in the Uk and our system is very different.

Have you tried the Samaritans or the Salvation Army?
We also have a group called Mind which would be able to help you legally, have you nothing of the sort where you are?

I hope someone who lives near you comes on with some advice and help.

Meanwhile my thoughts and prayers are with you


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Mate, I feel very, deeply sorry for you. I wish I could help you, but Im afraid I cant offer more than a listening ear and words of comfort. And there is no reason whatsoever to apologize for coming here with your problems, that is what this place is for.

I dont see how your mother can cut you off from social services. Cant you go to social services with your medical examinations and prove to them that you have been diagnosed with several mental illnesses and are not able to get a job? Or are there any charitative institutions you could turn to? There has to be some sort of solution.

Best of luck to you mate, I really hope you can find some sort of solution. And dont be ashamed to come and post your problems here, there are people here who really care and want to help you find solutions for your problems and help you through the bad times.
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