please dont email me pm me or anything

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i am gone. forever due to a rule not posted i am no longer a member and it makes me feel bad to come back and answer your pms. please my last days on earth alone is just fucking perfect leave me be.


good bye to my friends and thanks for everything i love you all. my last few days i will think of all the daisies we shared. bye


Please stay here, I'm sure things can be worked out. Please just give it another try. If you want to talk about what's going on please pm me anytime. I really do hope you stay around with us
What's wrong hun? I don't know what's happened but you are most certainately liked here by a lot of people and we don't want you to go. Stick around and talk to us, if you don't want to use the PM system or stay in contact via the forum (and I really, really hope that you do!!), feel free to e-mail me or add me to messenger and I'd be happy to talk to you. Please take care, and remember you're welcomed here. :hug:
Row wha'ts going on? :hug: please don't go... I like talking to you in chat and reading your posts.. even if you're down right now.. don't go.. talk to us pleasE?

hope you are ok :sad:


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Hi Row

i hope after a few days maybe just maybe you might come back and have a look at this thread when maybe things are not sorted but a little more settled for you.ive just seen this [late i know sorry] adn have so been wanting to PM you but at the same time i feel in a dilema cos youve asked us not to.i really dont know what to do.But i am worried about you and love you very much!!!Please dont go.i like your daisies!!!!!

If you see this at all would you please just make contact with me??Please.i am thinking of you and send big kath hugs!!!!

Please Take care [i know you are very low at the moment - more hugs]

PS Oh sorry i didnt realise the person who started this thread account has been closed when i wrote this.Oops.Sorry
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Or maybe not closed but thats what it said on the screen just so confused.But anyway if you do see this Row and want to get in touch please do.i miss you already.But i do not know [nor is it any of my business unless anyone wants it to be] what has been going on so i do not knwo where you stand on this.Take care everyone.


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Row, friends don't let friends just disappear without vigorous protest. PLEASE don't go - don't kill yourself, don't hurt yourself, don't leave here mad or otherwise. PLEASE!!! Lots of us here love you, especially me!:smile:

Please just start over fresh. I don't know what the mistake or misunderstanding was, but you can start over. I make so many mistakes every single day, but I just start over every time. I have to. I have people depending on me - not just for support, but depending on me to stay alive for them. Please don't go anywhere. I love you dear!:smile:

love and hope and hugs,



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fgs roe come back.

its just a fucking e.

even if you did get told off about it, and i dunno if you did or not,its not in the SF rules, so they cant bollock you for it, how were you supposed to know?

even if its added to the rules now you cant be told off fo rbreaking a rule before they told you it exsisted.

and if they wont delete your posts why shouldnt you have a new account? wtf is the problemw ith it, its not more bandwidth, its confusing but its not like shes pretending to be someone else.

and i know lots of users who use second accounts to talk about stuff when they think it will upset the people who they regulary talk to on their main accuonts.

come back roe, you havent hurt anyone so whateevr anyone says no stupid rule is enough to leave one person on their own


your right i came back to check my pms firstly yes this is what it is about i had 2 accts befor it became a rule... i feel violated by bunny and robin as jenny said it was not a problem. as it was not listed as a problem i was brave and strong as roewanne but i am vulnerable and wont come back as rowanne as i feel violated and vulnerable.
i would like to thank robin and bunny for this. i never hurt anyone. i have helped alot your loss.
i had prayed i would not be alone as it came time but i will be and i am ok with that now.
love you all my friends.
i hope the added space to your server helped.
account closed.


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you are the same person no matter what your name on a forum is, you are a strong person

i wasnt telling you off or anything, i even asked which account you wanted to keep but you wouldnt tell me you just left....
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i see youve added it to the rules but you know you are wrong.

yuve chased away someone in pain over a petty rule that makes no fucking sense.

and by the way i know people who have 2 accounts on here, im not going to make them say who they are but let me just point out

IF you were going to be all like this about it you should make it so every ip address only has one account BUT you know full wellt hat sometimes two different households can have the same ip for no reason so you cant.

Roe didnt pretend to be anyone else, she asked you to delete her posts and you wouldnt, which is FINE cos thats in the rules that you wont do that, so she found her own solution which wasnt against your precious rules, and Jenny said it was fine.

Sohope your happy youve chased her away, i hope theres a life and death reason why no one dare have two accounts on here because if theyre aint its pretty sick to do this to someone for no reason

After the lot of you saying you wouldnt do somethign for me about someone in case it left them cut off qwithout any support now this time YOU have done it and for petty rules which are pointless, you havent explained them and youve just upset a fuck load of people.


Jenny didn't say it was fine to have 2 accounts, Rowanne misunderstood.

We've always had an unwritten rule about not having 2 accounts, it just opens us up to abuse and yes, if we suspect a person has 2 accounts we can check but we don't snoop on every member just in case, everyone is given the benefit of the doubt.

I'm sorry rowanne feels hurt by this but there's no reason to have two accounts, it just gets confusing at the best of time and hinders staff in tracking any problems that arise. It's hard enough to keep track of things as it is and anything that makes our job harder is not welcome.


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Having run and set up vbulletin forums for people for the past year and a half I find it hard to believe it makes your jobs harder.. but ill take your word for it.

Unwritten rule because it opens you up to people abusing the system.. fair enough.

Except it was a rule she didnt know about and she wasnt abusing it, everyone knew who she was and it made her feel safe.

From what I understood she wasnt even going to use her old accuont anymore, but not sure on that.

Another question for you, out of interest, are we allowed more than one account if we are schizophrenic?
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