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please end

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All of it I'm so alone in agony and I'm losing every little thing I have left.
Stuck in a vile house dads useless and just shouts I feel so ill and weak all the time had a relapse pulling my hair out so I can't see people I'm a mess hate myself beyond belief.

Last week was the pits spent a night in cells for hardly anything got no money nobody to turn to nothing no escape I'm scared and I don't knw wat to do feel like I'm dying slowly and I wish it wud just happen I'd give anything to get out of this house and away from the mess I'm in


Have you tried talking to an advice line or a friend? Sometimes skype or a normal call really can help.


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How old are you? If you are old enough, can you plan for being more independent? Can you find any part time work or such to start to make money to bank so you can get out? These changes take planning and support...make an outline of what you have to do so that when you are in the position that you can get out, you are prepared...sorry things are so awful, but start to plan for the future...J
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