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    I stand among plaster walls
    Aside family portraits with
    Shaking wooden frames.
    I stand here before a
    Hallway with a haunted end.
    They are an apparition of
    Agony and my body is winter-

    Fragments of the candle,
    Once tall,
    Once bright,
    Perches precariously above
    Her and quivers
    With the rhythms
    The headboard’s crumbling
    The smell, the reek, of rotten apple juices,
    Rises with the flickers of the
    Candle’s fire and
    Drenches their entwined forms
    It suffocates me

    And that sound,
    That sound
    Is low, dark,
    A thrum of thunder rumbling,
    Murmuring her name with
    Breathless groans. That sound
    Is his violence growling,
    And grunting
    And crashing upon her
    Raining body

    His storm blooms
    Flowers of black and purple
    And green and blue rotting
    Her pale flesh; bared before him
    On an altar of stained sheets.
    She is tattered; her small, hairless
    Body is worn from his

    She is crying.
    A low pathetic keening that
    Carves her despair upon me,
    Syllables tangling in her swollen
    Lips and her
    Fingertips fluttering against his aging

    It is her wailings, her mourning
    Desperations that echo
    Screaming along the
    Crumbling walls. My
    Sister, her cries,
    Scar my skin my ears
    Forever shrieking, sobbing
    Please, please
    Please no-
    Please daddy-
    No please!
Thread Status:
Not open for further replies.