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please help i can't go on

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ok i have come back home to try to
reach out,
to take the pills
are very strong today and getting stronger
i can't do this much longer
i can't.......... please hellp mee
i feel like nothing
i was told i am nothing
how true that is
please......... i am getting so tired
soon i am jus tgoing to go to sleep
and it will be over
please hellp ................


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j ee welllll i can'''t go onnn
i don''t whheeere everyonee is
Juliaa i thank you forr helpping me lasstt nightt
and ttoo everyone else whhoo trieed
i just can''tttt find anyoneee tontie
kkeeep uuuup thhe goood wooork
theese thinggs happenn.
hi hopeless13
hope you are getting some sleep
it's very late
make no decisions tonight
tomorrow i want you to think about going back into the hospital
they will keep you safe until you start to feel better

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