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Please Help. I have lost everything. Extremely Sad. Complete Devastation.

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I have lost my family. I had a wife and child and they have left. I will likely never have a chance to see them again. I lost my job after I was hospitalized from a drug overdose. I lost my house, and everything in it was taken by my wife. My family has shut me out. Her family immediately shut me out. All of our friends have shut me out. I have noone anymore.

It is very difficult for me to look forward to any type of future. I don't want to live without my wife and child. I am not allowed to see her.

Is there any such thing as a miracle after all of this? Is there any chance my wife will change her mind after 3 months of being gone and never contacting one another? I don't know what to do anymore.

I have been homeless for a week. I finally found an apartment, but being here makes me miss them more.

All I want to be is a great husband and father. That is all I wanted to be.

Everything has been ripped from me and I have been kicked in so many ways I can't even stand anymore.

I was a strong, capable and intelligent man. Now I am worth nothing and my future is destroyed.

I am so incredibly sad I have no words to express the sadness I feel.

No family, no wife, no child, no friends, no money, no job, no support, no love, nothing. All gone. 3 months I haven't seen my family.


I am on my last thread.

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I am so sorry hun what caused them to up and leave you hun. You wife cannot take your child away hun Go to the courts and get visitation rights to your child okay You have that right hun I am glad you have apt now hun please know things may change okay so don't give up hope hugs


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I posted a visitors' message...welcome again, and please continue to reach out as you will be surprised how many caring and compassionate people are here... J


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dearest vojo.. my wife left in 1990 and i know how very much this hurts.. right down to the core for sure.. say this only cause i care about you and your welfare..

are you currently seeing any mental health professionals at this time.. if answer is no i suggest with all my heart that you do get to seeing someone soon.. mental health centers can make room and see you at a very low cost.you need someone good on your side and with you now.

vojo , there is life without them. being a parent like total eclipse said here may give you some rights to see your children.. know you do not see any future but better times are always possible. try to keep talking on here please.. many other members have gone thru what you are experiencing currently.. we will communicate with you just cause we know and care..

hang on please.. take care, Jim
Vojo, you have my respect for still trying to see your child.its a sign of a good father.you have lost so much that I dont feel I can compare.but I must tell you, you are still strong and capable.and no one can take that from you.her leaving just proves that she doesn't see you for the wonderful and independant person that you are.and you so deserve better.it took more pain and misery than I will ever tell anyone about, for me to realize that about myself.you sir, must not give up.you can't change what she did, but you can still be a good father. Reach out to someone, anyone. There are many others who have been in your shoes.some made it through, some didn't.I sincerely hope you will be one of the former.if you need someone to talk to, day or night, I will do what I can.much love, nick
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hey man

things get better. it's REALLY hard for the first few weeks, and then it's still hard for the next few months, but it gets easier. you have a right to see your child, so that cannot be taken away from you. he/she will always be a part of your life. hang on for this kid, if not for yourself. collect your threads, and sew together a new life. it gets better. it gets easier. instead of thinking of it as an end to something, try thinking about it as a new beginning. i mean, as of right now, you have nothing to lose. go do what you've always wanted. follow your dreams!!! and hang in there for your child. no matter how old your kid is, losing his/her father would be very traumatic...

take care. talk to us. we've all been there...


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You should be able to get some sort of time with your kids, with or without supervision, :unsure:
I can't imagine how incredibly hard it must be for you right now but please do hold on. It can get better. Are you on any medications to help your mood?


I would like to tell you that I understand but no one really understands someones entire situation, huh? I am new here and this is my first post. I wish my husband WOULd care if i left with our babies. He was hurt and is on workers comp. But hes always left us for months at a time to shoot needles, aquired hep c last time before coming back. Tells me to "just not get serious with anyone cause he ll be back when hes ready!" No support, not seeing his babies for months, his "friends" robbed my home, he had a restraining order on him from the state because hes abusive as well. Punched me even when pregnant. Cheated on me w prostitutes and even strippers. I thought because im quite pretty, tiny, and sweet and hes so big and "flubbery" he d be happy w me and what he had and straighten up. I thought loving him would be enough. I thought he d straighten his life up for each of his children, nope. Today he bit me and stuff. This is only the very first page of such a long chapter. But i find no reason to talk about it. I chose to stay, dont have any money or ever even drove a vehicle. Can barely even support my precious babies now much less if i left. No preaching please ppl. Now i am dealing w an early miscarriage on top of it all and him trying to poke at me for sex ( or b*) or telling me he ll just go somewhere to get it elsewhere. Makes me wonder if he ll bring in something next time i may get from him or even my babies from living in the house w him.:( I know how you feel about being alone. I have my babies and have done everything possible cause i want my family together but i dont like being alone. I want to let you know if it helps, women like to SEE men get their lives together. Dont promise her or your kids, not yet. Find out what you need to do for yourself and for them. Work on THAT first. Even when things seem hopeless. Take it in steps. Try not getting overwhelmed. Get support, from someone, anyone, even online if you just need to talk and listen, hear and be heard. Then when your life is on track, she may change her mibd, seeing its a permanent life change. If she doesnt, you are very lonely, but youve taken the first steps to change that in the future when you are ready.
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