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    Ever since my friend stoped being my friend ive been cautious and paranoid about people and ive been sort of reavaluating all my the same time my friend who lives far away stoped coming online as much as she used to...she barely answered myspace messages and emails and texts...and...maybe theres a perfectly logical reason but im paranoid...i dont wana lose another friend specially this one cuz ive always felt i could trust her...atleast with my other friend i knew she was gona end up hurting me...i dont wana jus outright ask her if she hates me...that seems pathetic...well...hell this seems pathetic too but im at a loss of what to do...i feel so lonely...i cant stand it...
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    hi and welcome. Friends...they are so hard to keep with us. when i was younger, i had 3 "best friends" and you know what? i was terrified of losing them. then i started hurting myself, and you know what? i lost them, i cryed and with time, i started t think that if they wheren`t there for me, it because i was never their friend. i broke up then, and with the time, i found newones, people who i can talk about everything without being judged, laugh, and i know the won`t leave me alone when i need them. You need to thin if Your friends worth your tears and your paranoia hun.and if they worth, YOu will must do the big job of stopping paranoia and move on with your firendship.

    take care, and be safe:)
  3. jane doe

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    by the way, don`t feel lonely, you have us...
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    Perhaps said friend isn't doing too well, maybe she'll come around. :dunno:

    :hug: If not, people come and go. You live for you, hun. If they come, then great! If they go, be prepared.

    Many others will come along in time and treat you like the caring, fun, trusworthy, and overall terrific woman that you are.

    As I've told you, things'll fall into place. You know where I am if you need me.