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Please help me get the ball rolling for my life

Andrew J

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I don't know what to do to start getting the ball rolling and moving forward in life. I don't really know what to say about myself. The only thing I can say is that I do food delivery with Uber eats. Other than that I don't what to say. I feel like a nobody and like I'm nothing. I have no activities, not really any hobbies, no skills, not learning anything. My life's void of meaning like that. Could I get some help on how to start living a meaningful life. I know I said I do Uber eats and that's something but I don't have anything else that gives my life meaning. It's sad to think about how many things there are to be aware of in life and this is the only one I'm aware of.


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Life objectively has no meaning to it. It is up to you to give it that meaning.
Driving skills are pretty much a valuable set of skills. So do urban navigation, communication, etc. There are always places for you to learn and get a hobby. People on this site recommend me to buy and listen to e-book.

In my country, we consider food delivery people as noble as doctors and nurses during this pandemic. You risk yourself of getting the virus in every single trip, moving places to places just for a greater goal: to lower the number of people leaving home unnecessarily and getting the virus. If you'd like, this can be your meaning in life, as an Uber driver.

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