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Please help me help my sister.

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My sister who is 25 years old just admitted to me that yesterday, while I was away on a trip, she tried to commit suicide by cutting her wrists and overdosing. I'm only 16 and I don't know what to do. She feels worthless, like she doesn't belong, like nobody loves or even likes her, etc... I told my mom something needs to be done but my mom is convinced that she is just trying to get attention, and that since my sister is an adult now, she needs to get help on her own. But I know she won't try to get help, and I don't know how to help her... What do I do? Please help.
First, keep showing her that you care and that she has your love - as is clearly the case from your post.

She needs to seek medical help - speaking to your GP would be the most obvious course of action. Offer to help her make this appointment, maybe go with her for support, or be in the same room when she makes the phonecall for the appointment to be a shoulder to lean on.

My other main piece of advice to you would be to keep yourself well. Remember that her situation and state of mind are not your fault - and that you're doing an immensely good deed by trying to help. It may well be frustrating, but stick with it - when it gets hard - remember that you are doing the right thing.

Feel free to drop me a line via PM if you want to talk further.

i agree with everything chris said
your doc can refer her to other supports, like a psych for anti depressants and maybe a therapist for her self esteem problems.
help her make that call, and go with her to the appointment. you could even ask her if you could sit in if she was comfortable with that.


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Thank you, those are all great ideas. I'm going to try to get her to go out with me somewhere, like the park or something. But should I force her if she doesn't want to go out? I really don't want her sitting in the house; all she does is spend time on facebook and watch crap t.v., and I know that can't be good for her mental well-being (when I disconnect myself from the world for a little while, I feel great). but I'll ask her to make an appt. soon, I don't want to just spring it on her.
I would say don't force her, but be persistent. Let her know that you just want to spend some time and that you expect nothing of her (if you see what I mean). If you keep letting her know that you're there and do care - then at some point she will be more likely to take you up on the offer.
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