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Please Help me! My mom is suicidal. Im scared!

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I need help! FAST!
I am so scared! I am afraid my mom is going to commit suicide. She has been saying she feels like she has nothing to live for and that she just wants to < edit moderator total eclipse method>
She has COPD and because of that she always has a hard time breathing. And since its spring now and the pollen is crazy here this time of year she cant go outside or she wont be able to breathe, so she has been cooped up inside. Her favorite things to do is to work in her garden and to do odd jobs outside.
We live in Myrtle Beach, SC so it doesnt get horribly cold here and its really nice out now. But this past winter had been VERY cold and so she hasnt been able to spend time outside. And during the winter she would say how she couldnt wait to get back outside to work on her projects. Now that its warm, she-before the pollen came-says she is no longer excited about getting out and doing her thing. I know she is depressed, but I dont know what to do to help her. I want to try to get her out. She says she can never leave the house because my step dad needs the car. She said she wanted to go on a vacation by herself but cant because he needs the car. Also because I am going to be in 2 plays within the next 2 weeks and I want her there. Which makes me feel like im being selfish because yes i want her there. But I want her to feel better. I dont know what to do.

Also Im 21, and I live at school about an hour away, so I am only home on weekends, and because of the plays I dont think I am going to be able to come home for the next 2 weekends. Im scared. I am sorry my thoughts are all jumbled up. Someone please help me!
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Hi hun i know your scared all you can do is let your mom know how much you love her tell relatives to keep an eye on her If you concern call crisis line and get you mom in hospital to get help there she will be monitored and kept safe


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Can you talk to your stepdad and other family about this? Let them know how bad off she is right now so they can give extra support. Has she ever been in therapy? Living with a health condition like that must be very hard and some outside-professional help may help her cope with it better. Take care.
if you're willing to help her, help by making her life more fun to live, so she sees the reasons to move on, i dont know what she likes but it could be anything you could call people over or maybe some (old) friends of her, cook a nice meal for her that sort of thing, little things that will make her feel life is worth living
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