Please help me now. A site buddy or whatever I'm really not fussed at this point

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I wish I had some-one real I could talk to right now.
Please anyone. I really need some-one I can talk to.
Oh my god I don't know what to do. Should I just go jump off the end of my garden [[cliff]]? Then they'd win.

Please. I really need some-one to talk to. :cry2:
I probably wouldn't die though. I'd survive just like I survive everything else. I DON'T WANNA SURVIVE. If I attempt suicide I'll only live and they'll people will hate me even more. DIE! WHY CAN'T I JUST DIE???????


I asked myself that on wed night....but something made me walk a mile to a&e. I don;t know what. People won't hate you (that dosn;t mean you should do anything) I think people will be upset. I have this image of you in my head - from reading your posts and that- and I think you have a lot to do and give in life. I won't tell what you look like in my head because I don't want to embarass you but I know that you are a very nice and strong person and I think you can get throught this bad patch.
you're not wasting anyones time. Who do you think would hate you? I don't see why people would hate you, I for one certainately don't. It's a good thing that you survive and deep down there must be something that you like on this earth, even the small things that we all take for granted, that raise a smile to our face. What makes you happy? What makes you hold on and not attempt to take your life? Grip on to the things you like and don't let go. :hug:


I don;t have anything else to do with my time. talking to you would be quite good in my opinion.
i'm sorry. i still can't breathe. i can't beleive u 2 r so nice. nobodys ever been that nice 2 me b4. i'm not gonna do anyhting excpet try nd calm down. i hope i do it soon so i can thank u both properly, im so gratefuk, thanks u so much. both of u.


I think you deserve someone to be nice to you since you are so nice. Try that whole breathing into a bag thing, lie on your bed and rest for a little while but remember that me and resistance are hear waiting for you to come talk to us so concentrate on feeling good things instead of bad.


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i'm online now too if you need a shoulder.. i hope you're doing a bit better.. and i hope it helps to know that you're not alone :hug:

Being sick is never fun. :( It's good to stay in bed and have plenty of rest, also drink plenty of fluids. Prehaps it would be a good idea to see a doctor to see if they can prescribe anything.
no i just couldnt. i want to. i really do. i want a therapist aswell. so i have some-one real to talk to (i know u nd everone here is real but i want some-one to sit beside me nd listen) im way to much of a coward though. im scared they'll laugh at me.
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