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please help me someone i dont know what to do

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im really terrified that my friend is going to kill himself he has quite alot of problems one being bad depression.we made a promise about a week ago not to kill ourselves but i have been talking to him today and he seems to be really suicidal i dont know what i can do to help him (hes in america and im in the uk so i dont know what i can do)i dont want to lose him im really terrified that hes going to end his life no matter what i say.please help me i dont want to lose the best friend i ever had


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Oh good Lord :ohmy: was going to suggest you visit, but that's out.
Do you have any other contacts, i.e a joint friend, his home number?
Because although he migh be very angry with you, at this point I would tell someone who is nearer to him.
In the meantime, keep the talking channels open as much as you can, maybe just knowing he has such a caring friend will make him think again.


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Do you know if he's got other friends/family who know how he is feeling? Could you contact them to say you're worried about him? Perhaps you or they could make that someone is with him online, on the phone, or in person until he's out of this low patch. Have you suggested he go to ER, or to call a crisis line? Try to encourage him to get that help...

Thinking of you and hoping things work out. :hug:
im really trying all i can to help but i dont know his phone number or email and i dont know anyone that does.i just want to keep him talking so i will know more about how he feels and maybe how to help him.hes the best friend i have ever had and it seems alot of his other friends dont understand him like i do im so scared about saying the wrong thing i dont want to upset him.
can you get him to post here or call a suicide hotline?

I hope that you can help him. There's really only so much that you can do though.


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im so sorry. unless you know his number/get him on here the best thing you can do is to keep talking however you communicate. keep him distracted. give him things to help keep his mind busy.
hope you are both okay.


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how do u communicate with him? I am pretty good with research. I can probably find this person if you have their name and othe details any details
you can pm them if u dont want them in the thread. I will keep the info to myself
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