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please help me


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ok, the title may seem alarming and im sorry... but im very distressed over it.
i have a few questions...

1. how do i get back on medicine??
i was on it a few years ago, but havent taken it in 2 years. i no longer go to that doctor... and idk what to do. but i need it. im desperate.

2. how do i get back into the swing of therapy if i havent seen him for... awhile. since around feburary? (i thought my insurance was gone, but it turns out its not!!! :) )

please help.
these 2 questions are reallyyyy bothering me. equally too.
idk how to go back to my therapist, ive been gone for so long and sooooo much has happened. but i dont trust anyone else as much as i trust him.


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you just pick up the phone and make an appt to see your prescriber...if you have insurance, i assume it doesnt matter who you see....but see your original doc to see with...good luck


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I agree just make a phone call to doc's office, they should be able to make an appt. although not sure how long wait will, be. If you are in true crisis mode, You may consider going to hospital and seeing a pdoc there, it may help to get meds and therapy sooner, because they tend to set that up for you. I hope things go well for you, good luck. kmj221

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