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Please help me...

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hi, everyone. it's my first time ever to post here. i thought of posting before--not only under this topic--but under the other topics of this forum/site. however, this thing i am about to share has, actually, bothered me the most. so, here goes...

i dunno if u guys will think that i have disorder or not, but, at least, my parents are convinced. they even say it with disgust and look at my likewise just because of it. anyways--so, i used to be underweight when i was a child. my mom had me overweight after, thinking it's unhealthy for a child to be so. at the age of seven or so, i've lost all those weight, because i did a lot of physical activities that time. as years passed--in my last elementary years--i gained weight again, but did not become as fat as before. i became overweight too, i'll admit, but i didn't look as fat. that time, i used to eat even a whole box of pizza and a lot of sodas--even a whole 1.5 liters of it in a day. basically, i was glutton xD but, then i tried looking on the beautiful side of being thin, and, so i went on a diet for at most, a year. i, ultimately, starved myself everyday. i had school that time and was so stressed of it--and at the same time, did not have enough kCal/energy because of how so little i ate. i used to weigh between 112 pounds to 120 pounds, which is considered overweight for my age and height (5 feet), and now, i weigh 43.4 kilograms. i am nearly underweight. i had to starve myself to get that weight. i'll admit, i'm happy that i weigh that now and it's an achievement for me. now, all i have to do is maintain that weight. i checked my recommended daily calorie intake and it said: 1 370 calories MAX. the problem is... i find that very little, and i can't live forever DEPRIVING myself from my favorite foods and even going out with my family in eating out. they think i'm anorexic because i'm so preoccupied from gaining even a pound. i'll admit that i am preoccupied but not anorexic. i don't want to gain weight but i can't stand the sight of food and still get tempted. my metabolism is just TERRIBLY slow. i go to martial art classes every other day for three hours and five hours for saturdays. i want to live like a normal person, who doesn't care abt what she eats and have other things to think about. i don't even feel full from eating 1 370 calories. i even feel hungry. almost all foods are more than 1 370 calories. i can't even eat breakfast without going over my calorie limit. today, i think i ate too much. i had seven white breads, three small scoops of cheese, a cup of prune juice, a small chocolate bar, two spoons of rice, and three pork chops. i found out all those, when added up, is around 2 000 to 2 100 calories. i feel like giving up and i hate it. i've been fat more than half my life and people calling me pig. i worked so hard to get this weight. don't tell em it'll all go down to em getting fat again and getting called a pig. pls help me. my parents even think i'm a waste of money and don't want to bring me to their wedding anniversary tomorrow because i might just eat little, "following my calorie limit again", they say.


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1370kcal is not what you intake is supposed to be!!!
who told you that? >.<
sometimes even I eat more...
well, ok thats only on refeed days but anyways...
1370kcal a day is what your body will use up if you do...nothing at all.
but if you only take a walk, go shopping, of courde if you do sports it's a LOT, LOT more!
Your metabolism will not recover as long as you are still dietig...

And about the thing with your parents: I opened a thread on that some month ago...maybe you should check it out^^


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hi The Gift, its hard when even your parents seem not to support you and make you feel even worse, that makes your problem harder to deal with as it affects your overall general esteem.

anyway, the list you gave of your food intake for a day i.e. the bread, chops, cheese etc....whilst high in calories wont make you feel full...you need to change what you eat not necessarily how much, fish chicken turkey are better option than chops, cheese can have high fat and calorie content and wont fill you..you need more fruit and veg in your diet and most veg i think you can eat in limitless quantities, there are some you should limit of course, but a little research will let you compile of a list of food you like and are filling and can eat as much as you want

so dont be disheartened, you dont have to starve yourself, just change what you eat and how you cook it. btw breakfast is most important meal of day.

good luck


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eat fruits and vegetables. raw. get your protein from soy (which you can cook)

you can eat AS MUCH AS YOU WANT and you will not get fat, i promise.

if you want to be in your proper weight, eating healthy is the solution not starving.


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you guys are right. thank you for the very heart-felt support that i don't get from my parents. u guys made me feel better. now, i'm completely eating healthy foods that make me full and at the same time, maintain my weight. i completely have given up soft drinks and junk foods :)


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1370kcal will work if your a very small person and dont do much. i am talking midget sized. most people need 2000-2500 (some like me need 3000) to maintain weight with protein/fat/carb distribution of roughly 20-25%pro/25% or less fat/ the rest carbs. also if anyone tells you that your overweight according to BMI understand that they are an idiot. BMI is useless. a body composition test is a closes measurement but still does not say if you are healthy. i can run an 8min mile do 25 pushups and 50 situps even though i am classified as over weight.

i would suggest using fitday.com free service to get an idea of what you need to eat everyday and to track your food intake. i have never tried their paid service.

if you do any exorcise make sure you eat animal products. milk or eggs at the very least. animal products contain proteins that allow your body to recuperate a lot faster. if you must do a vegetarian diet make sure you do your research first. vegetarians can not work out in the same manner as people that eat meat and get the same results, its physically impossible for most of the population. remember we are omnivorous, we can and are suppose to eat anything (as natural as possible) we want.


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i am five feet tall and weigh 43 kilograms. i exercise just for 30 minutes, 4 times a week (every other day) and a lot of calorie calculators in the internet says i need at most 1 370 calories per day to maintain my weight. i ate a lot in the last 4 days and weighed myself this morning. i gained 2 pounds -.- shit...


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Well I'm about 5 foot, a little under, and I took a nutrition class. For about 5 feet even if you only do a little exercise you're supposed to eat 1500 to 1800 calories. A weight of 112-120 is also perfectly healthy, though 120 is a little on the upper end. I look perfectly fine at 120 and can't believe you could look any worse.
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