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please help my boyfriend is very disturbed, what do i do?

Discussion in 'Help Me! I Need to Talk to Someone.' started by amandachristina, Mar 18, 2010.

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  1. amandachristina

    amandachristina New Member

    Will somebody please help my boyfriend has not been diagnosed with this but he's very very ill and its getting worse rapidly and now he is suicidal i am sure from researching he is in a manic state and it sounds like the mania involved with manic depression.
    he's been suffering from obsessive compulsive disorder his whole life and over the past year he's been behaving more and more bizarre, drinking, lying to me and his family, he's almost wild when he talks he talks super excited and his eyes look crazy and he fabricates stories and has formed this obsession with girls he cheated on me and told me and going out drinking he even drove his parents car drunk and came home barely able to walk.the last straw was he came to my house out of nowhere with some elaborate story of going somewhere to study and asked for money and when i got home from work at
    3 am there were 2 strange girls in my house and i was so shocked and disturbed and he was drinking and acting like a lunatic but extremely happy and hyper.

    he had crazy explanations for it but his stories didnt make sense and he didnt see how this wasn't ok i threatened to call the police and they left.he took off and didt appear for another few hours and seemed even more out of
    touch withreality and over-joyed for no reason.i told him i can't be with him i can't trust him in my home and he's diappeared from his home, asked his mom for money and made up some story about going to a party in hamilton but
    none of it makes any sense. his behaviour is scarey his mom told me he keeps saying he wants to die and might kill himself. ive done my research and im so sure he's in a manic state which means he has a very serious disorder

    Does anybody know what i should do at this point? all i can think is when he shows up back at his home his mom should call and ambulance and beg them to admit him. please help i dont know how to help him if he's suicidal
  2. total eclipse

    total eclipse SF Friend Staff Alumni

    Phone his parents let them deal with him. if you are concerned for his saftey call ambulance police and get him to hospital call crisis they will guide you as well with some ideas
  3. WildCherry

    WildCherry Staff Member ADMIN

    It sounds like he REALLY needs some professional help. I agree with what you said about calling an ambulance. Has he ever admitted that there might be something wrong?
  4. amandachristina

    amandachristina New Member

    he agrees with his diagnosis of obsessive compulsive disorder and when he started with the obsession of girls and doing things to hurt me happened right after he found out his father was having an affair. so he said maybe it was his ocd and his pain and shock of that together making him do things like that.

    but over the past couple months it has excalated so fast and he no longer agrees with me when i say the things he does is because of an illness he says he feels so great and i read up on mani and it says you get a false sense of happiness and loss of reality. he's doing anything to get alcohol at this point i guess the last time his mom saw him he was drunk in the middle of the day and its definitely worse with alcohol thats when all the bizarre behavior like disapearing all night long happens. he comes home all excited and wild and says :can i tell u where i went? can i tell u what happened???" and tells stories and then says "do u believe me??" its such bizarre behaviour thats so unlike his normal down to earth laidback personality.

    he has mentioned to me in the past thoughts of suicide but now that things are this bad and he's said it lots of times to his mom its as serious as it can be right now.

    can they take a person if u call an ambulance if they resist?he's very good at convincing people he's fine and he's resisting help so im afraid they wouldnt be able to do anything. can they admit people to the hospital against their will?
  5. Wastingecho

    Wastingecho Well-Known Member

    not sure where you live

    i live in NY and if professional (ambulance or police) believes at that time that you may be a danger to yourself or others they WILL get you to a hospital

    if he is calm and rational they might not

    the best bet would be for his parents to make the call since their relationship will carry more weight
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